141.4 Still

See.....the body IS confused. I weigh the same tonight as I did this morning. Maybe it had to do with the tremendous amount of water I took in today. :)

Lunch was at Poseidon Restaurant in Del Mar. Such a perfect day to sit by the water! The hubby, kids and my mother in law all enjoyed a relaxing lunch by the beach. I had a blackened mahi mahi with extra veggies. Very good indeed!!! With that, I had about four glasses of iced tea. Mmmmmmm

We had some more family over for dinner and since I hadn't been to the grocery store since before our trip, I had to get creative. I made some home made marinara sauce (I'll have to post the recipe soon.....it's so simple and good!), whole wheat spaghetti, some zucchini and mushrooms and I heated up some Trader Joe's Roasted Vegetable Lasagna. I've never had the lasagna before....it was pretty good. The lasagna noodles were multi-grain.....it definitely tasted healthy which I like. I had enough points left over for a nice vanilla Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich with three tablespoons of light hot fudge on top. Heaven.

Good night one and all!


  1. Yeah, give your bod a few days to adjust. I am sure it's just "wedding weight".

    I have lost 9 lbs. total so far! I worked out at our gym for an hour with hubs last night while Lisa and Susie watched my girls in the club pool! SO nice of them!

    Anyway, I then came home and got my butt on the "dreadmill" for an hour. I watched part of the movie "Twilight" (AGAIN!)on the DVD player in front of the treadmill, so time passed quickly...Tom said I could call Dish and get cable out there! I guess I will need a new flatscreen, too, huh?!

    Oh, and when Lisa saw me at the pool, she remarked that I looked great, so something must be happening. The scale is not dropping as much as I would like, but I am sure muscle is replacing the fat. My arms are much less flabby underneath, and I FEEL better!

    Lots of water, and am taking my vitamins. We shall see...I want to be in shape by my birthday...I think I want a disco skating party. What do you think?

    Thanks for being such a great inspiration!

  2. You're doing an awesome job!!! You look so good!!! Keep it up!!

    Cable would be great out there! I like to watch the Food Network while I work out...go figure.

    I'm so proud of you!!!!! Shopping here we come!!!!!


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