Well, that's not very nice. Guess I didn't drink enough H2O last night because I ate super healthy! Yeah me!!!

We went to Sbicca Bistro in Del Mar. It was such a nice, warm Southern California evening and it was perfect for sitting outside which we did on their upstairs outdoor patio. I've eaten there twice before and I enjoyed it both times. I started with a glass of chardonnay and the Sesame Ahi Tuna Avocado Tartar. Very good!!!! For my entree I had the Blackened Alaskan Halibut with a second glass of chardonnay. I really enjoyed my meal! And....NO DESSERT!!!! WOW! Oh, I did have one small piece of bread before my appetizer came because I was starving!! It was a nice evening catching up with my friends and enjoying a nice, relaxing meal.

So I was surprised my weight was a little higher this morning but I'm sure I consumed more sodium last night than usual. That's ok.....I call it "junk weight."

Breakfast was a slice of Ezekiel toast with a tablespoon of Barney Butter and a half cup of strawberries. I went to spin class where we did about 45 minutes of spinning and 15 minutes of upper body/abs.

Next was off to my monthly microdermabrasian and wax appointment. I had to pack my lunch because there wasn't enough time to eat at home. I had a flat out wrap with two tablespoons of Better'N Peanut Butter on it. This stuff is a little too sweet for me but it's so much lower in fat and calories than regular peanut butter. It helps with the peanut butter craving without expending tons of extra points. With the wrap I also had an apple.

I really like going to the micro/wax appointment because the girl who owns the place is such a hoot!! I enjoy talking, complaining and laughing with her....it helps the time fly when you have hot wax being ripped off your skin. :) She also does the best job on the planet so if you're ever in San Diego and need a good wax, facial, etc......let me know....I'll hook you up!!

Afterwards I went to Golden Spoon for some frozen yogurt. I love me my frozen yogurt. I had a small half cake batter, half chocolate malt. Heaven.

We have weekend guests coming to stay with us (have I mentioned this?) so I wanted to get some stuff ready so I came home and cooked for awhile. I made some cheddar bear bread (you must try this!), raspberry cheesecake bars, cinnamon honey butter (for breakfast on some of the breads I already made), pesto butter (to go on an orzo I'll be making and on a baguette) and cut up some of the ingredients for guacamole and pollo asado tacos. I love doing things ahead and being organized. :)

I had a meeting for my kid's school tonight so dinner was quick: Trader Joe's Orange Chicken (so freakin good) with brown rice and broccoli. Such an easy, healthy, quick meal.

At my meeting a had a few bites of different things including a mini snicker doodle cupcake (yum!). My weigh in is tomorrow and I actually have tons of activity points left so I thought I'd splurge on a few little goodies...hopefully it won't reflect in my weight tomorrow.

Over and out.