Sorry for my absence yesterday but I was busy with my weekend guests. As you can see....the scale did not agree with my Friday eats and drinks. :(

We picked up bagels for breakfast and I had a cinnamon raisin one with almond butter. I haven't had a bagel in forever! It was soooo good. I had a cup of coffee and a half cup of strawberries with it.

We hung around the house while the hubbies golfed. When they came home the kids went swimming and we bbq'd burgers and sausages. We had cheeseburgers and habanero chile turkey sausages (they were so good). Our guests made a really nice Ina Garten recipe for a tomato feta salad. We opened up some wine and had it with lunch too.

I might have had a crack brownie after lunch as well. We'll just move on straight to dinner because we really didn't do much else the rest of the day. Dinner was pretty healthy and super yummy:
  • BBQ Chicken Kabobs
  • Orzo with a pesto butter
  • the rest of the tomato feta salad

Then things got crazy at dessert. I made these raspberry cheesecake bars that are the bomb. We all had one of those. Then because they are addictive like crack, we all had another crack brownie....with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and hot fudge. And the wine flowed all day. Debauchery at it's finest. Therefore I think I will not weigh myself today (too scared) and just drink lots of water. Our guests are leaving today so I need to get back to reality fast.

I'd like to try and fit in a workout today. Hubby's got lots going on so we'll see. I also feel like I've been hit by a truck (my son decided it was appropriate to wake up at 5:30Am this morning) so we'll see what happens.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Ugh, I haven't had a good bagel in so long! Cinnamon Raison with AB sounds aaamazing!

  2. OMG it was!!! I guess you really enjoy things when you don't have them all the time!


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