Hello Hello!!!

My morning started off with the exact same breakfast I had yesterday. I guess I'm boring. You know what? I wish I liked oatmeal. I see it all over the bloggy world and I see people mixing almond butter and peanut butter in it and that gets me excited....but the mushy taste.... I don't know if I can get past that. Is there a food that you wished you like?

Monday morning Step and Sculpt class was in full effect this morning. Hopefully the quads won't hurt as much as last week!

Lunch was a Morningstar Farms black bean burger (these are good!) on a sandwich thin loaded with onions, tomatoes, lettuce, mustard and ketchup. On the side was a big salad with romaine, tomatoes, onions, cucumber and little olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

I finally made it to Target, Costco and the grocery store today. I sampled a couple of things at Costco....nothing too exciting.

I had a slice of light wheat toast with a laughing cow cheese on top for a snack when I got home.

Hubby is out of town so normally I'd have some sort of frozen leftovers for dinner but tonight was different. I hadn't made anything Indian in awhile so I decided to try a couple of recipes sitting in my ever expanding recipe binder. First recipe was for Ground Beef Curry. I have no idea where I got the recipe but it was very good. The second recipe was for Gobi Aloo (Indian Style Cauliflower and Potatoes) which I found on allrecipes.com. It took way longer to cook that stated and it was just ok. I ate both with some brown rice. I put all the leftovers in the freezer to try again some other night. Sometimes I've found that with the Indian recipes I make, they actually taste better the second time around.....so I'll give the cauliflower recipe another shot.

With two points left I'll be sure to have a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich after the kids go to bed. I plan to lay in bed and read tonight quietly by myself. Ahhhhhhhh......
I love to read....any good recommendations?