I'm noticing an upward trend. :( And I didn't get to go to the gym today. No hell was paid....I kept my cool but it was a struggle.

Breakfast was the usual. We had a four year old's birthday party to go to this morning. I ate super healthy: tomato/onion/cucumber salad, veggies and hummus and a little penne with spicy marinara sauce. I avoided the greasy pizza and frosting abundant cupcakes. The cupcakes were hard. I love me my desserts. And cupcakes?????? OH, the glory of them!! Alas, none were eaten. Whew.......

Moving on to the afternoon when some family came over for a BBQ. We had leftovers from last night....pollo asado tacos and all the works. Yes, more wine was had but overall....another super healthy meal. Yeah me!! Crack brownies were avoided again.

Chugging the H2O right now and watching cartoons with the kids. I'm out.