I'm ok with that. After the last week's insanity, I got off lucky.

After a few cups of coffee (with almond milk and sugar free vanilla syrup), the morning started out with a light multi grain english muffin with a tablespoon of cashew butter and a half cup of strawberries.

I went to spinning class this morning. I spun my butt off (hopefully literally). Ended the workout with a little upper body weights and some abs. Then my sweaty self took a nice long shower.....ahhhhhhh......

Lunch was tuna mixed with celery, green bell pepper, red onion, pickles, a little light mayo, Dijonaisse, garlic salt and paprika. Oh yeah.

So right now I'm trying to find a babysitter for tonight. Kind of a tough task trying to find a sitter for a Saturday night when you start calling at 2PM the same day. The brother in law is in town last minute and wants us to have dinner with him and his wife. So we'll see.

I'm hungry again. What else is new? But if I'm going out to dinner, I need to save all points possible. What is a hungry girl to do!?!


  1. Are you going to blog about how your friend who adores you babysat for you when you couldn't find a sitter?! Thanks for being my newest follower...I am honored!

    I just hope your kids are fed, because Lord knows I can't cook!!!

  2. Yes, you are a life saver! Without you, I could not have eaten my life away in sushi points!!!! And coming home to a nice, clean, calm home was a nice added bonus. Thank you!!!!!


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