So…yesterday I mentioned that we were going to Phil’s BBQ for dinner right? Well, we met Alicia, her husband and kids there just to find out that Phil’s is closed on Mondays.


Talk about a bummer! I was really looking forward to some ribs and onion rings! Applebee's was a few doors away so that’s where we (not so happily) ended up. All of us were starving so we got a bit carried away.

My husband wanted the appetizer sampler so we ordered that.

August 2012 195

We tried to satisfy our onion ring craving as well.

August 2012 196

They weren’t as good as Phil’s. :(

We also haven’t had hot wings in awhile so we ordered some of those.

August 2012 197

Not as good as the ones we make.

Another craving that needed satisfying was the one for ribs. So we made it happen.

August 2012 198

At that point, our expectations were very low but the ribs turned out pretty good actually. Yes, not as good as Phil’s but what are you going to do!?! 

After that glutinous indulgence, I needed to get back on the wagon today. Breakfast was an egg beater omelet with cheddar cheese and strawberries.

August 2012 200

I took the kids to school, went to a PTO meeting and then met Lisa and the gym. After our workout, we went to Wahoo’s AGAIN! We enjoyed our lunch so much yesterday that it deserved a repeat.

August 2012 199

Classic shrimp burrito. 400 calories and perfectly filling.  After lunch, it was a trip to the grocery store and then to pick up the kids from school.

Tonight I’m going to do something I haven’t done in a long time: COOK!

When’s the last time you were disappointed in a restaurant?


  1. We live in the land of all chain restaurants and the other day, we decided to hit up The Olive Garden. It wasn't particularly busy and we only ordered a flatbread, salad, and soup. It took an hour and a half (with a toddler, that's equivalent to 47 hours)! The waiter forgot to charge me for 1 glass of wine, but I doubt we'll go back there any time soon.


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