141.6…Overload Of Goodness

Last night we took some out of town friends to my favorite restaurant: Firenze. I enjoyed myself immensely…maybe a little too much.

It all started with some delicious Cabernet.

August 2012 162

Then moved on to various appetizers. My husband and I split our normal Chopped Caesar salad.

August 2012 163

We also tried the Bruschetta which I’ve never tried there before.

August 2012 164

Grilled ciabatta bread brushed with pesto and topped with diced roma tomatoes, basil, garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Why have I not ordered this there before? It was amazing!!

Our friend ordered the Calamari Venezie (fresh, hand-cut calamari sautéed with capers, red onions, extra virgin olive oil, white wine and diced tomatoes) which he shared with me.

August 2012 165

Another amazing dish I’ve never had there before! Since we were on a roll with the new stuff, I decided to order a main course I had never ordered there before.

August 2012 166

Vitello Saltimboca (veal scaloppini sautéed with olive oil, shallots and white wine topped with prosciutto, sage and fontina cheese then baked to finish served with fresh vegetables and pasta). While it was extremely tasty, it wasn’t as good as the Pollo Piccata I had the other day.

Dessert was not new to me.

August 2012 167

Chocolate Lava Cake with vanilla ice cream. What a perfect way to end a very decadent evening. 

This morning I knew the scale would not be friendly. How could it after all the extravagance the night before!?! Oh well…..

I wasn’t terribly hungry at breakfast time (I wonder why??) so I opted to just microwaved some egg beaters, added some shredded cheddar cheese and made a breakfast burrito.

August 2012 168

I took the kids to school and then stopped at Starbucks for a latte.

August 2012 169

Then it was time to hit the road to Los Angeles to visit my dad. He’s still making great progress and seems to be getting better!

My mom was in the mood for a deli sandwich for lunch so we found a place called New York Deli to try. I opted for a roast beef sandwich with cole slaw.

August 2012 170

The roast beef wasn’t as rare as I’d like. I ate half the sandwich (it was big) and saved the other half for later.

Tonight my brother and his wife will be joining us for dinner. It will be nice to all get together.

Tomorrow I will be driving back to San Diego, running some errands, picking up the kids and then driving to Palm Springs for my friend Dina’s birthday celebration. That means more than four hours in the car all together tomorrow. Good thing I like to drive. :)

Is there a certain restaurant that you can’t control yourself at?


  1. So glad to hear your Dad is doing well! We had an awesome deli near our house - had been there 30+ years and then it closed and now is a Goodwill (not that I can complain because I loves me a thrift store) but I miss good deli sammies!


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