139.6…Getting Back In The Groove

One of my husband’s and my favorite foods is pizza. When he asked for pizza for dinner on Monday night, I was all for it! His favorite store bought pizza crust is the Pillsbury one in a can that you roll out. I think it’s actually pretty darn good too.

August 2012 127


And with a salad, it was a complete meal. Everyone was happy.

August 2012 126

Yesterday’s breakfast was a toasted English muffin with homemade peanut butter and an orange.

August 2012 128

I went to an awesome spin class and then it was off to a doctor & a nail appointment. I also had a meeting at the school. I’ve joined the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) so I’ll be even busier this year (if that’s possible!).

I stopped in between all of this for lunch at Chipotle.

August 2012 124

Underneath all that lettuce is a chicken bowl with brown rice, black beans, chicken, cheese, salsa and guacamole. I love their guacamole.

This bowl kept me full ALL day. Even when dinner time rolled around I wasn’t super hungry. My sister in law, her kids and my mother in law came over and picked up Pei Wei for dinner. I had the kid’s size Honey Seared Shrimp with brown rice.

August 2012 125

They forgot the veggies so I quickly microwaved some frozen broccoli and added it to it.  Last night was an early night for everyone since school started the next morning.

I was not happy when the alarm went off so early this morning. Today is the first day back at school. I can’t believe the summer flew by like that. It seems like just yesterday I was picking up the kids from their last day of school. I guess it’s time to get back into the groove of the school year: early mornings, homework, lots of meetings and activities.

Breakfast this morning was a toasted English muffin with egg beaters, cheese and a side of strawberries.

August 2012 129

My husband, mother in law and I took the kids to school. My son is starting second grade and my baby girl is starting Kindergarten!!  I took tons of pictures and got them settled at school, took my mother in law to the train station and came home to tackle my to-do list.

Lunch was a tuna salad sandwich with pickles and an apple on the side.

August 2012 156

Another exciting part about my daughter being in Kindergarten is that she now gets out at the same time my son does. No more double pick-ups! Yippee!!!

Tonight we have dinner with some out of town friends of my husband’s. We are going back to Firenze! Should I order the Pollo Piccata again??

Do you have a different schedule during the summer or is it consistent all year round?


  1. Thankfully I have a pretty similar schedule all year, maybe a little more lax in the summer.

  2. We made pizza with that same dough not too long ago. Loved it. And Pizza is my favorite food too.


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