140.4…Bunco & Baking

I can’t explain how nice it was to just relax last night with friends at Bunco. Lisa picked me up and took me to Michelle’s house. I immediately enjoyed some wine and delicious appetizers.

August 2012 021

Michelle had several different kinds of hummus to try.

August 2012 017

Fresh Sundried Tomato Hummus.

August 2012 018

Chunky Artichoke Garlic Hummus.

August 2012 019

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

August 2012 020

Tahini Garlic Hummus.

After sampling each of the them several time, I determined they were all fabulous but the winner was the Tahini Garlic Hummus. Yum!

During all my hummus tastings, I also sampled some of Lisa’s Jell-O shots.

August 2012 010

Who doesn’t love a good Jell-O shot!?! :)

The ladies:

August 2012 031

August 2012 032

August 2012 036

August 2012 038

Dinner was served!

August 2012 040

August 2012 042

There were several delicious salads:

August 2012 044

August 2012 046

August 2012 047

And lasagna!

August 2012 045

I piled everything on my plate and went to town.

August 2012 048

Oh my…everything was so good. I had to restrain myself from getting seconds. I really needed to save room for dessert.

August 2012 049

Chocolate Mousse Cake.

August 2012 050

Peach Crispy with vanilla ice cream.

August 2012 051

S’mores Cookies.

You know I had to try them all. Of course they were all fabulous…Michelle made them! You see…Michelle is fabulous cook. You don’t want to miss an eating event at her house ever!

This morning’s breakfast was Trader Joe’s Vanilla Greek Yogurt with Coconut-Sour Cherry Granola, strawberries and raspberries.

August 2012 052

I have really missed this granola! I only have one serving left. Guess I’ll need to make some more soon.

Lunch was the rest of the Trader Joe’s pre-made tuna salad and an orange.

August 2012 053

I was a baking machine today. I am going to my parent’s house tomorrow and wanted to bring them some treats. My dad’s favorite is my Orange Vanilla Pound Cake so I’m bringing him some tomorrow.

August 2012 055

My mom is getting some lemon cake and Rice Krispy treats. :)

What was the last thing you baked?


  1. um...Frozen Mama Bella's garlic bread??? eek! I haven't cooked since before we moved out of our home in May...until this week, we are in our new apartment and I couldnt believe the Costco here had Mama Bella's! So, our first meal in our new home was spaghetti and bread :) Kids said it was the best dinner all summer! your desserts sound yum...I am hoping to find white flour this week...yes, I am having to look...and will make choc chip cookies!

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