139.4…Lights Out

Wednesday night’s dinner was in two parts. The first part was a can of pea soup before I went to Back To School Night.

August 2012 208

The second part was after I got home.  Turkey sandwich and pickles.

August 2012 209

Pretty exciting night huh?

I had an egg beater sandwich for yesterday’s breakfast with a slice of cheese and a side of strawberries.

August 2012 210

I took the kids to school and then drove to Los Angeles to visit my mom and dad. My dad is a tough dude. He’s still continuing to improve. Thank you again for all your thoughts and prayers!

My mom and I picked up New York Deli for lunch. I had a BLT with pickles and cole slaw.

August 2012 211

I told my mom when I arrived that I really wanted either lunch or dinner to be El Pollo Loco. Since we didn’t have it for lunch, we planned on it for dinner. That is until the thunder, lightening and rain happened. All of a sudden (after my mom finished bragging about how their house never looses power) the power went out. My parents have an electrical gate so we couldn’t open that so we were stuck. It was a “dig in the fridge for dinner” kind of night.

I came up with some leftover beef kabobs, baba ganoush and pita.

August 2012 212

We tried to eat quickly and get ready for bed before it got too dark. Just as we finished doing everything, the power came back on. Too late for El Pollo Loco. Oh well.

This morning I woke up early so I got dressed and went to Target to get a few things. They had a Starbucks there so I helped myself to a skinny vanilla latte which I ate with breakfast when I got back to my parent’s house.

August 2012 213

Toasted English muffin with peanut butter.

I hung out for a bit and then drove back to San Diego. I stopped at Chipotle for lunch. I ordered the chicken bowl with guacamole (a must!) and minus the rice. I figured I’d swap the rice calories for the guacamole calories.

August 2012 214

Excellent! Afterwards I picked up the kids and we came home. I spent the rest of the afternoon starting a project I’ve wanted to do for awhile: clean out and re-organize my closet.

Dinner time came and went and I just wasn’t hungry. That bowl from Chipotle is really filling! Now that I’m typing this, I’m realizing that I’m starting to get hungry. But I’m in bed. Decisions, decisions.

 What do you do when you’re hungry right before bed? Give in or stick it out until morning?


  1. I normally give in and have a light snack before bed, but when I do that I always wake up starving!!! Now you got me wanting Chipotle for dinner!!

  2. oh chipotle, so good! excellent swap, guac for rice!


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