140.0 yesterday; Too Much Takeout

I’m back in Los Angeles visiting my dad for the next few days. I’m happy to report that he’s the same, if not a bit better, than when I left a few days ago.

Tuesday night I reheated my sister in law’s meatballs and sauce and added it to some spaghetti for dinner.

August 2012 057

Stephanie makes the best spaghetti and meatballs in the world.

Yesterday morning’s breakfast was Trader Joe’s Greek Vanilla yogurt with the last of the Coconut-Sour Cherry Granola and strawberries.

August 2012 058

I packed up the car and headed for Los Angeles. My mom wanted In N Out burger for lunch so I picked that up on the way.

August 2012 059

Double-double with fries. Their fries suck but you have to have fries with a burger.

I hung out with my parents all day. Dinner time rolled around and Stephanie was on her way to the house so she picked up El Pollo Loco along the way.

August 2012 060

Two piece chicken dinner with Cole slaw and mac and cheese. Their mac and cheese rocks.

This morning’s breakfast was toast with peanut butter.

August 2012 061

I ran some errands for my mom and I at the mall. I stopped at the Nordstrom Cafe to pick up lunch for my family. I ordered a tuna sandwich and side salad.

August 2012 062

I had this big plan that after I returned from Europe, I would get my butt back in the gym, clean up my diet and loose the 5lbs I’ve gained this summer. Well….it looks like that plan is on hold. I’m sure I could make better choices while I’m not home but that’s no fun. :)

How are you doing on your summer weight loss goals or whatever other goals you set this summer?


  1. It is hard to stay healthy all the time when life gets crazy, I just try to pack healthy snacks and do what I can! I hope your Dad gets better.

  2. Hi Melissa,
    Just wanted to tell you I so enjoyed all of your posts from your amazing trip to Europe! Sounds like the trip of a lifetime! What an incredible experience getting to see the Olympic games must have been :) And I loved the culinary tour you took us on as well, of course! ;) Made me miss Paris and London so much, but it was great getting the chance to follow you on your adventures through your blog.
    I hope your dad is feeling much better this week - I hope he'll have a speedy recovery!

    Thanks again for sharing! @DualAlly

  3. I didnt set any weight/health goals this summer other than get through the international move! I am really ready to get back on track with eating and exercise. School begins aug 20 - that will help. I will join the gym down the street and start going that week, I think. Food, well, still trying to figure all that out here, find the things we like and get organized with some low fat options - love WW veggie soup, and once I find a few more veggies, I will make some! I have gained 5lbs this summer as well....grrrr...

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  5. This summer I was pretty lazy on the exercise front too since I love to run outside and it's way too hot here in Miami during the summer. I forced myself to run outside this week and I also did a spin class so I'm slowly but surely getting back into it. I hope your dad feels better soon!
    August 10, 2012 10:50 AM

  6. I've gained 5 pounds this summer too - its amazing how quickly it gets packed on, but takes forever to get off!

    Glad that your Dad is holding his own - enjoy your weekend!

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