138.2…Cascadian Farm Organic Ancient Grains Granola

Recently Cascadian Farm sent me a couple boxes of their new Ancient Grains Granola to try.

August 2012 006

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know I love all things granola. I actually just started making it myself! When Cascadian Farms wanted to know if I wanted to try their new granola, I was totally on board.
First I tried it by itself with almond milk.

August 2012 007

Then I tried it with yogurt and berries.

August 2012

Overall I like the granola. It’s pretty simple in flavor and it has the right amount of crunch. I can’t say that I would repurchase though. Ever since I’ve started making granola, I’ve really enjoyed the fabulous flavors and combinations of ingredients that you can make. This granola was very simple and plain, which is good if that’s what you’re in the mood for. I guess I like a little more complexity.  With that being said, I’ll happily finish the boxes I have and then make a new batch of granola. :)
Last night I pulled the last of my sister in law’s meatballs and sauce out of the freezer for dinner.

August 2012 078

I really need to make this sauce and share it with you. It really is the best.

Along with the pasta, I made a simple salad.

August 2012 077

This morning’s breakfast was toast with homemade peanut butter and an orange.

August 2012 079

I went to spin class, then Target and then home for lunch.

August 2012 080

Tuna sandwich and grapes.  Excellent.

Today has been a day of laundry and house cleaning. I finally dug into the box of school clothes for my kids that I ordered ages ago. Now they are all ready to start school next Wednesday. I can’t believe it’s that time of year again!

Tonight is date night with my husband. Dinner and a movie!

Have you tried Cascadian Farm’s new granola?

Favorite granola recipe/store bought granola?


  1. I am the owner of a granola company based in Atlanta, GA, Pure Bliss Organics. We also make energy bars and gourmet nut blends. Everything is certified organic. We make several unique granola flavors, such as Acai Blueberry, Pina Colada, and Banana Gorilla (with real bananas), but my favorite is Naughty but Nice which is chocolate peanut butter. This is great anytime of day, whenever a chocolate fix is required or desired.


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