141.4…Time For A Break

We went to dinner at my favorite restaurant on Saturday night: Firenze Trattoria. Our lovely evening started with a glass of wine….

August 2012 104

….and my favorite salad: Chopped Caesar which I split with my husband.

August 2012 105

I tried something I’ve never had there before: Pollo Piccata.

August 2012 106

Why have I never ordered this there before!?! It seriously rocked my world. When the plate first arrived, I was sure I would not finish it. Well, I was wrong. I almost licked the plate clean.

Sunday began as a relaxing morning. I made breakfast.

August 2012 107

Egg whites and Swiss cheese on a toasted English muffin and an orange. 

My friend Lila decided to have a pool party at her house. Everyone was to bring their favorite drink and a dish. I chose my favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies!

August 2012 111

We chatted and hung out all day. I snacked on delicious meats and cheeses, chips and guacamole.

August 2012 112

I also enjoyed some flank steak and sausage right off the grill.

August 2012 113

After the party, I took the kids over to Alicia’s house for dinner. We ordered Flippin Pizza. I had a slice of cheese before I realized that Alicia had ordered a pizza with mushrooms, sausage and olives. I had a piece of that as well. :)

August 2012 114

That’s only the second time I’ve had their pizza and it was really good…better even than the first time.

After dinner, we headed home and went right to bed. Everyone was exhausted. I think my body needs a break from all this food and activity. I think if I can keep myself under control for the next couple of days, everything should return back to normal. :)

This morning’s breakfast was Trader Joe’s Greek style vanilla yogurt, Cascadian Farms granola, strawberries and raspberries.

August 2012 115

I took my daughter to Kindergarten Orientation at the school. She got to see her classroom and meet her teachers. I cannot believe she starts Kindergarten on Wednesday!

Afterwards, I met Lisa at the gym. I did 45 minutes of elliptical and 15 minutes of weights. I really needed to workout today!

Lunch was a tuna salad sandwich and grapes. My current favorite lunch.

August 2012 123

So…..my son asked me why I started my blog. I explained how much I like food. He asked me: “What do you like better….eating or sleeping?” I answered “sleeping”. It’s the truth. Anyway, he said “Well…why didn’t you name your blog ‘Melissa Likes To Go To Sleep’?? I couldn’t stop laughing.

How have your eating habits been lately? Clean or pretty much all over the place like mine?


  1. Your son is hilarious! MY daughter starts kindergarten on Thursday -- such an exciting time. I think your eating will get back to normal when school starts...routine and everything. Right?!

  2. Too Cute!! My son just started 1st grade & I was freaking out; whereas, he was pretty cool aboout it....lol!

  3. I like that chicken picatta dish, but sans the capers - not a fan of them.

    I actually prefer sleep over eats too - although eats are second!!


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