145.6…Bagels, Burgers, Sushi and Wings

That pretty much sums up my whole weekend. As you can see by the jump in my weight, I had a good time. :)

Saturday morning we enjoyed bagels at my sister in law, Stephanie’s house.

February 2012 038

February 2012 039

February 2012 040

I chose an onion bagel and topped half with jalapeno cream cheese and the other half with veggie cream cheese. I love bagels.

We all got ready and went shopping at the Santa Monica Promenade. Eventually we stopped for lunch at Umami Burger. We sat outside and enjoyed some wine with our lunch.

February 2012 028

February 2012 029

We all split a bunch of side: Cheesy Tots (a secret item not on the menu-a MUST order), Thin Fries….

February 2012 030

Tempura Onion Rings, House Pickles….

February 2012 031

….and Sweet Potato Fries. Stephanie and I decided to split two burgers. The first one was a special for the day: The Spicy Bird.

February 2012 032

I can’t remember everything on it but it was a turkey burger with Hatch chilies, crispy onions and Diablo sauce. I thought it was pretty tasty but Stephanie thought it was too gorpy.

I enjoyed our second burger: Truffle Burger (house made truffle cheese and truffle glaze):

February 2012 033

Most of our burgers were undercooked and the service sucked big time. While I thought my food was good, I wouldn’t feel the need to go back. 

After a bit more shopping, we went back to Stephanie’s to chill, eat some cheese and drink some wine and get ready for dinner.

We went to Katsuya in Hollywood. There were paparazzi standing outside the restaurant which I thought was funny. The only celebrity I saw in there was Drako Malfoy from Harry Potter.

February 2012 016

We all shared a TON of stuff. Starting with edamame:

February 2012 017

Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeno and Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna:

February 2012 018 February 2012 019

Sautéed Shishito Peppers and Rock Shrimp Tempura:

February 2012 020 February 2012 021

Spicy Albacore Sashimi with Crispy Onions and Rock Shrimp Tempura Roll (my favorite):

February 2012 022 February 2012 023

Rainbow Roll and Spicy Yellowtail Rolls:

February 2012 024 February 2012 025

Salmon and Yellowtail Nigiri and even dessert: Chocolate Lava Cake:

February 2012 026 February 2012 027

After that delicious insanity, it was off to Drai’s Hollywood for some dancing.

February 2012 034

Me, Lisa and Stephanie.

We stayed there until way too late and had tons of fun. On the way home we stopped at Jack in the Box. I ate 2 tacos (I LOVE those things) and did not take a picture of them.

Sunday morning called for coffee and bagels again. I had a repeat of Saturday’s bagel choice:

February 2012 041

I got dressed, packed and hit the road back to San Diego. I had such a fabulous time and was sorry to see it end. But more fun was waiting for me back at home: Super Bowl Sunday party at my friend Alicia’s house!  When we arrived, an array of snacks awaited us:

February 2012 042

Chips and onion dip, guacamole, salsa and tortilla chips. And champagne. :)

February 2012 043

We enjoyed some salad:

February 2012 044

And hot wings of course!

February 2012 045

I don’t think I could ever get sick of these. You know who I bet is sick of hot wings?? Crazy eating contest winner Kobayashi ate 337 wings!! That puts my 16 wing record to shame. That is insane.

February 2012 046

For dessert, I brought over M&M Rice Krispy treats.

February 2012 050

Alicia made fondue and put out a ton of other dippers including the Rice Krispy treats.

February 2012 047

February 2012 049

Dipping the treats in the chocolate fondue took them to a whole other level of deliciousness! I did actually watch most of the game and loved the Madonna half time show!

Today it was back to healthy eats. It started with breakfast:

February 2012 051

Fage yogurt with strawberries and blackberries. 

I took the kids to school and went to Cardio Muscle class. After a great workout, I came home to change and make lunch.

February 2012 052

Turkey sandwich on wheat toast, carrots, cucumbers and hummus. My body is happier.

What did you think of Madonna’s half time show?

If you were a food eating champion, what would be your food of choice?


  1. I thought Madonna did great! It was a good show. It's cool to see how much she has evolved over the years. My contest food eats of choice would be Pizza and french fries. Junk!

  2. We don't have Jack in the Box in the midwest anymore, but Burger King has the same tacos and they are amazing!

    Sorry the burger place sucked ass, but I may need to recreate that diablo burger!

    I am eating Subway - WITH BUFFALO SAUCE! It kicks ass!

  3. That burger looks amazing! I'm making BBQ Chicken sandwiches for dinner, now I wish I was making burgers!!

  4. @Biz
    It does, doesn't it!?! Glad you finally got to try it!

  5. Have to say the burger looks so mouth-watering. I love burger with thin bun, lots of greens veggies and tuna.
    How to Make Sweet Potato Fries


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