139.0…Friday Night at the OG

I broke out of my boring food rut last night…sort of. My friend Lisa and I took our kids to Olive Garden last night for dinner.

I owned the all-you-can-eat salad.

February 2012 162

I ate 4 big bowls full. I love their salad for whatever reason. I always think I should just eat the salad for dinner but always end up ordering something else and usually regret it later.

Case in point: my Linguine alla Marinara (with whole wheat pasta):

February 2012 163

It was just ok. I always expect it to taste better but it lets me down a bit each time. I guess I just don’t learn. Another thing that I find strange about Olive Garden’s pasta: they cut the noodles so short! You cannot twirl them which makes them hard to eat. I actually asked the server about it and she didn’t know and said she wondered about the same thing. Maybe I need to go directly to the company and inquire what’s up with their short ass noodles.

This morning I wanted cereal. Dulce de Leche Cheerios with almond milk plus a side of strawberries:

February 2012 164

I took my son to tennis lessons and came home for lunch.

February 2012 165

Ham & cheese sandwich, jalapeno Pop Chips and grapes.

I took my son to boy scouts and spent the rest of the afternoon doing nothing. Well, there may have been some online shopping. :) All that “nothingness” worked up an appetite for a snack.

February 2012 166

Wheat Thins and a Babybel light cheese. 

I need to pick my son up soon and make dinner. And that’s that for a Saturday night.

Do you frequent Olive Garden? What’s your favorite thing to order?


  1. Hooray for online shopping! I tried your buffalo chicken @ subway. Definitely a win. Have you tried Special K cracker chips yet? I highly recommend the Sea salt flavor. I figure if you like pop chips, you dig these too. Happy weekend!!

  2. My step son and his fiance LOVE Olive Garden - I don't think I've been there in 10 years though!

    139?! Skinny Minny! :D

  3. I LOVE Olive Garden's lasagna. I've heard it's frozen but I don't care because it's the best lasagna ever in my book. Their bread sticks are of course to die for as is their salad. Yum. I haven't been in a while and that is good because I always over do it there.

  4. @Melissa
    Glad you liked the Buffalo sauce on your sandwich!! And no...I haven't tried those crackers. Guess I need to put them on my grocery list. Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. @CeCe @Frugalista Married
    You know what...I think I had the lasagna once and really liked it. I may have to give it another shot!

  6. I, too, am a fan of a nice long noodle!!! I like to twirl them...these had to be cut up into bites appropriate for a five year-old.. It was a bit aggravating, but MAN that salad ROCKS! I was up a pound this AM...not happy about that, but hanging out with you and the kids was worth every calorie!

  7. I don't think I've ever eaten at an Olive Garden...but my daughter, the pasta queen, loves it. Babybel cheese is one of my favorite snacks, too, but I seem to always eat more than just one :)

  8. Ouch, do you know the salad has over 20g of fat per serving. It's ok once in awhile of course, I was just shocked at the fat because I thought I was being healthy too.

  9. @Anonymous
    Ouch is right!!! That is something I did not need to know. ;)


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