140.8…A Prisoner of My Own Home

After a lazy day with the family yesterday, we decided to go out for dinner. Our restaurant of choice: PF Changs.

I started with a cup of egg drop soup. I like to add a bit of soy sauce to mine.

February 2012 145

We all split chicken lettuce wraps next.

February 2012 146

We shared Chang’s Spicy Chicken as well as Sesame Chicken.

February 2012 147

I found the Sesame Chicken to be too salty but I always enjoy Chang’s Spicy Chicken.

This morning’s breakfast was toast with butter and honey and a side of strawberries.

February 2012 148

So….I can’t drive until my doctor gives me the thumbs up (probably at my follow up appointment on Thursday) so I’m stuck at home all day. It’s not so bad actually. Today I paid bills and caught up on emails. I’m also all caught up on the shows in my DVR. Now what should I watch??? Daytime TV is BAD!!!! How do people watch this stuff!?!

For lunch, I turned some leftover rotisserie chicken into a chicken salad sandwich and added an apple to go with it.

February 2012 149

Tonight we are going over to our friend’s house for HOT WING night! Just because football season is over, doesn’t mean the hot wing fun has to end! :) Since my appetite has not fully returned, there will be no record breaking hot wing eating tonight. Sorry folks!

If you were stuck home all day, what would you do?

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  1. I'm so glad your surgery was successful...always a plus! I recently had surgery too and when I wasn't sleeping off all the drugs, I online shopped way too much! Which I guess was kind of fun bc then I got little rewards every few days. I like to think it was the drugs' fault. ;-)

  2. glad you are feeling better - and it is nice to have to stay home sometimes! I am 6wks into WW and down 9.5 lbs!!! So excited. No idea why just counting calories and exercise wasnt working, for some reason this dumb points game seems to do it for me??? I want to lose about 8 more - can not believe how I could have packed on this weight but it is coming off!!!

  3. That one is easy - cook or bake bread! I know what you mean about day time t.v. - I don't know how my husband does it - but he does watch classic movies during the day.

    Then at night its Biz T.V. - Chopped, Kitchen Nightmares, and Idol! :D

    Have fun at wing night!

  4. @Andrea
    Yeah!!! How exciting! Keep it up! It is funny how much of a difference point counting makes then calorie counting. :)

  5. @Melissa
    Oooh...great idea! This could be dangerous! :)


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