139.6…I’m Bored

As I was posting pictures of the food I’ve eaten in the last twenty four hours in this blog post, I realized how bored I’m getting with the things I’ve been eating. I really need to go to the grocery store and to start cooking again. Trying to figure out which leftovers to eat is getting old.

I actually was excited about my dinner last night. The last time I made Beef Stroganoff, I froze the leftovers. This is the first time I had frozen this particular recipe. I never have any leftovers but this time I wanted to have leftovers for after my surgery.

February 2012 158

It didn’t freeze as well as I’d hoped. The consistency wasn’t the same. Even though it didn’t taste as good as it does fresh, it still tasted pretty good. The peas went with it pretty well.

Last night I had the best sleep I’ve had in days. It was wonderful. I staggered downstairs this morning for some coffee and the simplest thing I could make for breakfast.

February 2012 159

Toast with butter and honey. Yup, boring.  A bit later I was still hungry so I had a couple of Mandarin oranges.

February 2012 160

I didn’t do much exciting after breakfast. I got dressed, started the laundry and worked on cleaning out my email.

My lunch was boring: tuna salad with green onions and chopped up pickles.

February 2012 161

One exciting thing did happen today: I drove. Finally I can drive after my surgery. Freedom! :) I picked my daughter up at school…it was a big deal. :)

Fortunately things will get more exciting tonight. My friend and I are taking our kids to Olive Garden for dinner. Oh, the crazy things I do!

Any fun weekend plans?

How do you get yourself out of food boredom?


  1. To over come food boredom lately, I have been using Pinterest for different ideas for ideas since I have a ton of recipes I want to try now. I just made Beef Stroganoff last weekend for the first time. I like to add carrots to mine when I reheat it for some extra vegetables.

  2. Olive Garden survived us! Yummy! You were good and have some leftovers...my meal disappeared somehow! Hope the scale is kind to me tomorrow...glad that salad bowl was bottomless, and that the pasta bowl wasn't! Thanks for all your help tonight with my blog...you are amazing. But then, I have always thought so. xoxo

  3. It is quite difficult to get the best food if we are bored. That's what I feel when boredom hit me on the brain. Even the best food tastes not that good. I always take some sour fruits when I have this day.
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