139.6…I Survived

Yesterday I did something I try to avoid at all costs. I went to Chuck E. Cheese. I can see your cringing faces and I feel your sympathy.

We took the kids and one of their friends there for dinner last night. Not only did I survive all the craziness that is Chuck E. Cheese but I also didn’t blow my healthy eating plan too badly.

I started with some salad from the salad bar.

February 2012 154

Then I managed to eat only two pieces of pizza.

February 2012 155

Pizza is a definite weakness for me. I have a hard time stopping at just two slices but I did it! I actually don’t mind the pizza at Chuck E. Cheese….I know some people think it’s awful.

Breakfast this morning was wheat toast with peanut butter and some strawberries.

February 2012 156

My friend Lisa took me to my follow up doctor appointment. All is well and I can resume driving tomorrow! Back to normal life!

Lunch was a bowl of leftovers: leftover pasta, marinara and broccoli.

February 2012 157

I decided eating it in a big mug in front of the TV was the perfect thing to do.

Nothing crazy going on here tonight….more relaxing and more leftovers. Don’t be jealous. :)

When was the last time you were at Chuck E. Cheese or a similar place?

When you are by yourself at home, where do you eat your meals? I love sitting in front of the TV in the family room but I don’t allow my kids to do it so I cannot do it in front of them. When no one’s around, that’s right where I head.


  1. My husband and I both generally eat on the couch. We have a dining room table we don't use and bars stools that we don't sit in to eat. Pizza is my MAJOR weakness too! It's my most favorite food in the whole world. I just had some on Sunday at NYPD Pizza off Friars. Delicious. I haven't had Chuck E Cheese in a looong time but I love pizza so much I'm sure I'd like it just fine.

  2. Pizza is for me what hot wings are to you. LOVE it! As for meals, I find that I'm more mindful in my eating when I sit down at the dining room table to eat. If I sit in front of the TV, next thing I know, my plate is empty and I don't even remember eating it all. So I make the effort every day. Cheers to being able to drive again!

  3. I hate Chuck E Cheese! I always cringe when my 6 year old asks to go or gets invited to a party there! The salad bar is decent though, so I always have that!

  4. I think you showed enormous self control only eating 2 slices of pizza - I share that particular weakness!

  5. so excited for your weigh in...you broke the barrier! I always think the major milestone numbers are the hardest to get past - mental I know, but I always think this! I weight in at 140 on Wed and just know it will take 2 wks to see it really go below that...grrr. maybe not but I am mentally preparing myself for the possibility! And chuck e - ugh - can.not.stand. going there! you were brave....

  6. @Andrea
    Thanks Andrea! I'm so excited! Getting under 140 is HUGE for me! It's happened a few times and feels fabulous! Hopefully I can stay under forever!
    Good luck to you! You're next!


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