144.4 yesterday; Pizza & Cake – Not Just For Kids

Saturday night my husband and I went to a Valentine’s Day party at my husband’s friend’s house. Before I got ready I snacked on some Wheat Thins and cheddar cheese.

February 2012 123

The party was a potluck. I brought my famous “Crack Brownies” which were devoured immediately. I ate some random stuff for dinner but the best was the dessert.

February 2012 110

Bad photo but someone brought the most fabulous cookies ever. There were several different kinds so I broke off a piece of each to try. My favorite was a S’mores flavor that had marshmallow in the middle. We didn’t know a ton of people at the party so we didn’t stay too late.

Yesterday morning I got up to get dressed and packed for Los Angeles. I ate an egg beater sandwich on a toasted English muffin.

February 2012 124

On my way to LA, I stopped at Starbucks for a latte.

February 2012 111

My first event of the day was a friend’s baby shower at the Soho House in West Hollywood. I had never been there and the views of LA were incredible! I was greeted with champagne as soon as I arrived.

February 2012 112

When it was time to sit down to eat, we were served some delicious baked goods to start.

February 2012 113

As well as a lovely platter of fresh fruit.

February 2012 114

The scone with their homemade orange jelly was out of this world.

February 2012 115

Our entree was several different dishes served family style.

February 2012 116

Mushroom and goat cheese quiche, beet salad, salmon with roasted veggies an French toast. Everything was wonderful!

As my friend opened her gifts, we all were served cake.

February 2012 117

Can’t say no to cake right!?! :)

The second event of the day was celebrating my sister in law’s birthday with my brother and my parents.  I headed over to there house and we all enjoyed some wine together before trying to figure out what we wanted to eat for dinner. Someone had mentioned pizza and then I knew that’s exactly what I wanted. But not just any pizza….an old school favorite of my family’s when we were little: Shakey’s Pizza. We all hopped in the car and headed to Shakey’s, giddy with excitement.

I had made a salad from the salad bar to start.

February 2012 118

Then we all split two different pizzas. Pizza number one: Pepperoni and Jalapenos:

February 2012 119

Pizza number two: onions, green peppers and mushrooms:

February 2012 120

I didn’t manage to get the picture before my dad starting attacking it. :)

After stuffing ourselves with pizza goodness, we came home for birthday cake!

February 2012 126

After that I was officially stuffed and went to bed.

This morning I got dressed and ate a couple pieces of raisin toast with peanut butter before hitting the road back to San Diego.

February 2012 127

I picked up my daughter from school and came home to have lunch.

February 2012 128

Tuna sandwich, jalapeno Popchips and grapes.

I am going to pick up my son from school and come home to get ready for Bunco at my friend Dina’s house. I’m not going to stay for long because I have my surgery (nothing serious-don’t worry!) tomorrow.

This will be my last post for several days. My friends are so kind to sign up to bring me meals later this week so hopefully I’ll get photos of all the delicious eats they bring me! Wish me luck!

To keep me entertained for the next several days, tell me your most embarrassing moment. :)


  1. Hmmm embarrassing moment: texting something inappropriate to someones Mom instead of him. Awkward!

  2. Hope the surgery goes well! OMG, I haven't thought of Shakey's pizza in ages - we used to go to one when I was little, and you could throw peanut shells on the floor.

    Ha - had to laugh at Mellissa's most embarrassing moment! I've had too many to mention!

  3. I hope your surgery went well and that you feel back to yourself in no time!

    Also, I wanted to give you a heads up that I am making my blog invite only for the time being to protect myself against my curious and tech-savvy middle school students. If you'd like to read, shoot me an email address (to joyce.margaret@gmail.com), and I will add you to the list of permitted viewers. No pressure, though - just wanted to give you a heads up!

  4. Scones - Pizza and Fruit platters. YUM. I hope you are well.


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