142.6…A Home For Bland Food

Before it was time to cook dinner last night, I enjoyed a glass of wine while relaxing on the couch.

February 2012 106

Last night’s recipe sounded good: Chicken and Mushrooms in a Garlic White Wine Sauce. As I was preparing it, it seemed to need a little “oomph” so I doubled the garlic, added extra salt and pepper and so on.

February 2012 107

Boring. Bland. Oh well. It did help when I added extra parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes to it. During the boring meal, I was concerned about what to do with the leftovers. I hate wasting food but I knew that I wouldn’t want to eat it any other time. I had a bright idea! I texted my friend Lisa if she wanted it. No…this isn’t being mean or being a bad friend. Lisa LOVES bland food! She thinks mashed potatoes are spicy. No joke. She loves my bland food. And guess what…she was more than happy to take it. :)

This morning’s breakfast was comforting and delicious (unlike last night’s dinner).

February 2012 108

Scrambled egg beaters with shredded cheddar cheese and a piece of toast.

I went to spin class, did stuff around the house and made lunch. Tuna sandwich and grapes.

February 2012 109

I took my son to boy scouts and spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing. Oh…I did bake “Crack Brownies” for a party we are going to tonight. I also ate one to make sure it was ok. It was. :)

What do you do with the leftovers of something you don’t like?

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  1. haha that worked out! ;) I hate when you oomph up the flavor and everything and it still ends up a little meh! I find its most common with past dishes too -- but if you double/triple the veggies with all the adjustments, and decrease the pasta and such -- it works like a charm! <3 at least for my weird self

    hope you're having a great weekend girly! xoxo

  2. I am about to re-heat the dish...am scared! Had no idea you put extra garlic and salt and pepper in it! It might "perm" my hair! Yikes! Will let you know how it goes...

  3. I let the boring leftovers hang out in the fridge to see if anyone is starving enough to finish them up. I have a 4 day rule...and after that, out they go! Off to check out your crack brownies :)

  4. I usually bring it into work! I work with boys, they will eat anything! Crack brownies? ummm yum!

  5. OMG! I was reading this in the car yesterday and I was cracking up!! What do I do with leftover bland food? I top it with lots of hot sauce!!!

  6. I can morph pretty much any leftovers into a soup! Hooray for crushed red pepper! :D


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