140.6 yesterday, 141.8 today…American Idol Recap

Oh my….it has been quite the whirlwind since I posted last!! Going to see the American Idol taping was beyond fun! I’m lucky to have experienced such a unique opportunity!

Wednesday night was track practice. Before I left I had some toast with peanut butter.

March 2011 007

I was pretty hungry when I got back so I made a turkey and provolone cheese sandwich:

March 2011 008

Yesterday morning’s breakfast was Honey Nut Cheerios with almond milk and a side of strawberries:

March 2011 009

I got the kids off to school  and came home to get dressed for the American Idol taping in Los Angeles. My friend Lisa picked me and a couple friends up and we hit the road.

We decided to have lunch at The Grove shopping mall in Los Angeles since it was near the CBS lot where Idol is taped.

Of course there was wine:

March 2011 010

My friend Dina and I:

March 2011 012

We had a few great appetizers….Crab and Artichoke Dip:

March 2011 013

Stuffed Mushrooms and Fried Mozzarella:

March 2011 014

For lunch I ordered the Lunch Pizza and Salad:

March 2011 015

Yes, that’s the lunch portion. :) The pizza I chose was the White Pizza and it rocked my face off.

My friend Dina ordered the Kahlua cheesecake and offered to share:

March 2011 016

March 2011 027

That thing was ridiculously good.

After lunch we walked over to the CBS lot for the taping. We could not bring in any phones or camera so I don’t have pictures to share. The set/stage was SO much smaller than it looks. I was shocked. Jennifer Lopez looked just as amazing as I thought she would. :)

Our seats were in the first tier up in the front row so we had a great view of everything. Dina’s husband actually found us on TV and took pictures of it. What a guy! We are in the bottom right corner (I’m in the middle in black):

March 2011 028

March 2011 029

My friend  Lisa actually worked for American Idol as their photographer a few years back so we were able to get her friend, the current photographer, to take a picture of us in  front of the judges’ chairs. Hopefully I’ll get a copy so I can share it with you!

During the commercials, tons of hair and makeup people would swarm in on Randy, Jennifer and Steven. It was kind of humorous actually. They also gave out a bunch of free stuff (t-shirts, cups,  bags) to people in the audience during the breaks.

After the show, we were in for another treat! There was  a surprise private taping for Bruno Mars new song, The Lazy Song,  that will be used for a future taping! Wow! What a day!

After the taping was over, we decided to do a little shopping to wait out the traffic. On our way home we stopped at In N Out for dinner.

March 2011 018

My favorite burger of all time.

We hit the road again and drove for a bit until one of my friend’s suggested we go to Krispy Kreme to pick up some doughnuts. When I had announced that I had never been inside an actual Krispy Kreme nor had I eaten a hot, fresh doughnut from the establishment, there was shock and dismay. It was as if I had announced that I had never tried an apple before.

There was a consensus that I must go inside and understand what the hype was all about. When we arrived, the notorious “Hot Doughnuts Now” sign was ON and lit up for the whole world to see!

March 2011 019

March 2011 020

What did I think?

March 2011 021

March 2011 022

March 2011 023

March 2011 024

Uh huh. Pretty damn good. 

We arrived home finally sometime after midnight.  My house was more quiet that usual. Another exciting thing about my week of craziness is that my husband took the kiddos to Atlanta to visit his brother. Daddy bonding time. Mommy alone time. Everyone is happy!

They all left yesterday afternoon to stay with their grandma in Orange County because their flight left out of Los Angeles this morning. So this morning I was able to sleep in! Wahoo!

Just because I’m “on vacation” doesn’t mean I can neglect my half marathon training right? So, I rolled out of bed and hit the street for a 4 mile run (in the blazing heat!):

Mile 1 – 10:22

Mile 2- 9:55

Mile 3 – 9:36

Mile 4 – 9:08

I was a sweaty mess when  I got back. The shower would have to wait…I was starving!

March 2011 025

Egg sandwich on whole wheat bread with a side of cantaloupe.

After my shower, I went to my wax appointment. The last and final Hurrah! of my crazy week is that I will be going with a whole bunch of my friends to Newport Beach tomorrow for one night. I’m hoping the weather will  stay nice so we can lay by the pool!

Tomorrow is a “belated birthday party” for me. My friends and I have started a tradition where we go away for a night or two for each other’s birthdays. My birthday is in December and it’s too crazy then to plan anything so when my husband suggested the trip to Atlanta with the kids, I thought it would be the perfect weekend to celebrate my birthday party!

After my appointment, I went over to the mall to run some errands. I stopped in California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. I ordered my favorite salad: The Original Chopped with a glass of Chardonnay:

March 2011 026

Whew! What a long post! Thanks to those of you  who are still reading! Hopefully I’ll get a chance to blog tomorrow from the hotel. Have a great weekend!!

Who are you hoping wins American Idol?

Do you have any birthday traditions with your friends/family?


  1. American Idol sounds like so much fun! And I'm so glad you got to have a fresh Krispy Kreme...there is seriously nothing better! :)

  2. sooooo much food! haha you really fit it all in! <3 I hear in N out burger is beyond fantabulous! My friends from cali rave about it! <3 and guess what iiii'm drinking right now? =) haha Have a fabulous weekend Melissa!!!!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. I <3 Scotty and Haley! Hoping Scotty wins, though! he's great and a cutie! ;)

  4. Wow what a fabulous week! Enjoy you belated b- day party.

  5. You have quite the busy life missy! I'm glad you are enjoying your weekend! Have fun on with your belated birthday fun! This month is actually my birthday, and my older sister happens to have her birthday 2 days before. We always plan some kind of party/fun to celebrate both! When I was younger, I use to hate it but after turning 21 its been a boatload of fun!!

  6. The kahula cheesecake sounds ahhhhh-mazing.

    Just curious, do you have a milk allergy (you eat cheese, so I'm guessing not...) or do you just prefer almond milk. Sorry! None of my business, I know!

  7. Megan: To answer your question, I do not have a milk allergy. I started drinking almond milk when I restarted on Weight Watchers. It has less calories. I ended up really liking it! Now I'm a big fan!

  8. I'm so jealous! You had great seats! I'm actually watching it for the first time (right now) this season - I usually don't start watching it until they get down to 5 or 6 people.


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