I’m on a plane!

Virgin America is an awesome airline. I love their Wi-Fi on the plane. I’m coming to you from high in the sky, currently at 31,510 feet (that’s what my seat map feature tells me). We are on our way to Boston!

Yesterday we spent the day in Orange County with my mother in law. We stopped at the Olive Pit for lunch. I had a Mediterranean salad with grilled salmon:

April 2011 089

Excellent!! We took the kids to the park for a bit and stopped for frozen yogurt on the way home.

April 2011 090

Dinner was at Don Jose’s Mexican restaurant. I had a glass of wine and dominated the chips and salsa (per the usual):

April 2011 091

For dinner, I had the shrimp tacos:

April 2011 092

They were excellent. I fell into bed with a huge food coma.

It was up bright and early this morning to get ready to hit the road for LAX. I ate a Larabar in the car. We arrived without too much traffic and got our bags checked. It’s amazing how much stuff you have with two small children.

I grabbed a latte and a sandwich from Starbucks:

April 2011 093

I’m going to spend the time on the plane trying to catch up on blogs and maybe do a little reading. I feel like I’m hungry again. You can order food from your seat using the screen in the headrest. Sweet!

Have you ever flown Virgin airlines before?

What’s your favorite thing to do on a plane?


  1. Wow!! I need to use that airline! That salad looks amazing!

  2. i can't believe you're blogging on the plane! technology is amazing.

  3. Yay for technology!! How was the starbucks sandwich? I've never tried them!

  4. Megan: It was pretty good but nothing special. I felt it was a better option than the Burger King next door. :)

  5. I've always wanted to fly Virgin, I heard they are the best! My favorite thing to do while flying is snack. Somehow I always end up with a huge bag of Goldfish on my lap and trashy tabloids. Where are you headed to? I need a vacation! Have fun :)

  6. Seriously, what would we do without technology? Wi-fi is such a fantastic invention.

    Totally jealous that you are on a plane.
    I have never been on a plane.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. I haven't! but I like jet blue when i'm living in an area that the fly out of! I heart you for commenting on my blog from a plane. you rocked my socks with that one girl =) I want your life <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  8. So lucky to have WiFi on the plane! You have made me very hungry with your luscious pictures!

  9. WOW that is nice.... Shrimp Tacos look superb. I havent ever been to Virgin Airlines before but Wifi on plane is certainly is a great facility... It'd be the fav thing to do on a plane for me after looking at the sky from the window.


  10. I have never flown Virgin America but had one flight on SW that had Wifi. My favorite thing to do on a plane is read blogs (if I can!) Otherwise I get a glass of wine and read gossip magazines. ;-)

  11. Virgina Air is where it's at! Seriously we fly Virgin whenever possible for work trips -- isn't the lighting and decor so cool?

    I honestly just love to listen to good music and veg out when i'm flying -- since I rarely have time when i'm not 30k feet in the sky ;)



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