142.6…Weekend Review

Wow…I did some serious indulging over the weekend! :) My son had a great birthday weekend….thank you for all the well wishes!

After my 11 mile run on Saturday (I still can’t believe I did that!), I decided I earned some vino:

April 2011 014

My son picked Souplantation for his birthday dinner. I had my usual salad and chili plus a whole lot of pizza bread. Their pizza bread rocks!

April 2011 018

Sunday morning I made a burrito with egg beaters and shredded cheddar….nothing else. I wanted it plain and simple.

April 2011 019

We all got ready and headed over to the bowling alley for my son’s 6th birthday party with his classmates and friends. It was a great party! We got extra lanes so that the adults could bowl too. Everyone had a blast! I had a couple of slices of cheese pizza and a couple of bites of the birthday cake my son picked out. He did a great job, it was delicious!

Our family and friends came back to our house to keep the celebration going. I put out my famous rice krispy treats:

April 2011 020

A whole lot of wine…..and tons of snacks:

April 2011 021

We had a great time hanging out, helping my son open his presents and enjoying the beautiful San Diego weather. It was gorgeous yesterday!

For dinner we picked up burritos from Los Primos. I tried a new one: surf and turf.  It had carne asada and shrimp inside.

April 2011 022

It was the size of my head.  I only ate half. I wanted the other half but had fears that I would explode.

I definitely had too much wine yesterday, I could not sleep very well at all. What happened to the days where you could drink as much as you wanted and fall asleep easily until noon the next day??

For breakfast I had a toasted English muffin with Barney Butter and some cantaloupe:

April 2011 023

The kids are on spring break for the next two weeks. We are actually taking them to Boston this week to visit family. I have a lot to do before we leave on Wednesday!

I did go to my Cardio Muscle class this morning. I need a good workout after all the damage I did this weekend. ;) I decided to skip my three mile run today. I need to give my legs a break and my to-do list is SO long! I need every minute of my day.

Somewhere in the middle of getting packed and paying bills, I heated up the other half of my monster burrito from last night:

April 2011 024

It was a little heavy today. I think all that wine yesterday made it go down easier. :)

After lunch I took the kids to their Dog Smart appointment. My son is doing so amazingly well! My daughter is slowing progressing and doing much better than she did in the beginning. Maybe one day soon we will get a dog of our own. :)

Did you grow up with pets? Do you have a pet now?

Do you have a favorite Mexican restaurant by you?


  1. The mexican in Jvegas NC is awful! but we're moving soooo - maybe i'll have a good place in the next town! <3

    Happy birthday to your sun! Ummm... its not my bday but I should totally get soopantation! Just sayin'!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. Looks like a good weekend, sometimes you need to indulge! I love that you son picked souplantation - their salad bar is legit!

    I'm a fish taco/baha food freak! Taco Loco in Laguna Beach is the BEST! Best fish tacos, best calamari sandwiches, best everything. Okay it's dinnertime and i'm way too hungry to be talking about this, especially since a gym sesh must happen before dinner!

  3. Burritos the size of your torso = AWESOME!!

    I grew up with two puppies, a dachshund and a cocker spaniel and now have two poodle mixes - go figure! I love the pups! I've also been the proud owner of two parakeets and two hamsters!

  4. Two weeks of Spring Break...crazy!! I hope y'all have fun in Boston! Take lots of pictures!

    I love Chipotle! And lots of local little hole in the wall Mexican places. YUM!

  5. Now, that is one tasty weekend!

  6. lol! "had fears I would explode" that sounds like a DELICIOUS burrito, but it does look pretty humungous!
    happy birthday to your son!!! :) indulging for his birthday is definitely called for!

  7. that burrito looks amazing! sounds like an awesome weekend. yay for lots of wine!

  8. This makes me remember your big fat white cat Bud for some reason.


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