140.4…Sushi Three Meals A Day

Wednesday evenings I meet my half marathon team for track practice. We usually focus on speed work but last night we did speed AND hills. We ended up covering 5 miles doing different drills. I wasn’t as tired as I usually am after track surprisingly. I also wasn’t very hungry (I did eat some peanut butter pretzels before I left) so I didn’t eat dinner. Extra weird.

I also wasn’t super hungry for breakfast this morning. Who am I?

I went with cereal, which is a light breakfast for me, because I knew I had to fuel up with something before my run. I had a mix of Special K Vanilla Almond & Fiber One cereals with almond milk and a bowl of cantaloupe:

April 2011 054

After I took the kids to school, I went for a 4 mile run. Maybe it was all my speed work last night but I felt like I was on fire!

Mile 1 – 10:05

Mile 2 – 9:32

Mile 3 – 9:18

Mile 4 – 8:55

I came home to change and then had to go to the bank. I saw a sushi restaurant nearby and couldn’t help myself. I have been craving sushi lately and knew I needed some right then and there!

They had a nice lunch special so I rolled with it.

April 2011 055

Spicy tuna & spicy albacore rolls with tuna nigiri. I also had a bowl of miso soup. I love sushi. I think I could eat it everyday. Heck, I could eat it every meal of the day….even breakfast! I’m sure there some good breakfast rolls out there. ;)

I went to Costco to get stuff for my son’s birthday party this weekend. I picked up the kids and came home. I have a long to-do list that I need to start tackling.

Something else I tackled:

April 2011 056

Trader Joe’s Vegetable Root Chips. Someone take these away from me please.

Are you a sushi lover too?

Ever had vegetable root chips? 


  1. I love sushi! I don't eat it nearly enough! I saw these chips the other day, but didn't get them! I'll have to grab them next time that I am there!

  2. I'm a sushi monster!!!! I'm getting some tomorrow!!! <3 oh wait... i just realize I made conflicting plans.... omg... crap! ok gtg but LOVE YOU!

  3. I love sushi all the time! When I lived in Hong Kong my hubby and I would eat sushi maybe 3 times a week? Easily. But they don't have the crazy fried rolls in Hong Kong, more nigiri style. Now it's so expensive so we don't go as much. I'm craving it now so much!

  4. I love veggie chips! Somehow I think since they are veggie chips that it's perfectly acceptable to eat at least 3 serving sizes :)

  5. I am not a sushi fan. There is nothing about it that appeals to me.

    However, I'm 100% sure that I would be a Trader Joes fan...but I've never been. We're getting one about 3 hours away and it'll be the closest, and you can bet I'll be making the trip there, just to go!

  6. i love, love, love sushi! i could eat it every day, all day! happy friday :)

  7. You rolled with it? No pun intended? hehe I laughed regardless! I love sushi - happy Friday!

  8. Yup, sushi lover here too! Never had the chips, but I love ALL chips so they'd be dangerous in my hands as well. Great job on the runs--I'm always impressed with your speed and will never tell you how fast (read: slow) I am.

  9. I don't know dude, sushi for BREAKFAST? Does that include a kirin? That might make it better.


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