Culinary Adventures in Boston

I have been on an eating adventure! Boston has so many amazing restaurants!

Tuesday I got ready to go out for some more shopping with my aunt and wore my other new shoes.

Boston April 2011 111

So comfortable!

We went to Stephanie’s restaurant for lunch.

Boston April 2011 112

Boston April 2011 113

I ordered a glass of wine with my lunch. Why not!?! I’m on vacation!

Boston April 2011 114

I ordered a lobster roll for my entree.

Boston April 2011 115

It came with fries and cole slaw and rocked my world. I love you lobster roll!

We shopping for awhile and came back to the hotel to chill for a bit before we left for dinner.

We went to Joe’s American Bar & Grill for dinner. I had a salad to start.

Boston April 2011 117

And clam chowder in a bread bowl for my entree.

Boston April 2011 118


Yesterday’s breakfast was bread with peanut butter. My camera ate the picture….probably because it was boring….you’ve seen it before.

We got ready and headed down to the Warf for lunch. We stopped at Wagamama for lunch.

Boston April 2011 121

We all split some chicken dumplings:

Boston April 2011 122

And some lettuce wraps:

Boston April 2011 123

I ordered their Chili Men with Shrimp:

Boston April 2011 124

Unfortunately, it wasn’t very good. It tasted like spaghetti sauce….not at all Asian. Boo! But don’t worry…I made up for it later in the day….

We took a cruise around Boston Harbor….

Boston April 2011 126

Then we cruised over to Modern Pastry…..

Boston April 2011 128

To sample their famous cannolis!

Boston April 2011 127

Oh man. If you want a good cannoli, you need to get yourself over to Modern Pastry.

Someone had recommended Regina Pizza to us so we stopped in.

Boston April 2011 131

Boston April 2011 132 

For an entire veggie pizza….

Boston April 2011 133

Good thing my lunch sucked…the pizza didn’t! 

My husband and I scored awesome ticket to the Boston Bruins Playoffs Game 7 Hockey Game so we went on a little date night.

Boston April 2011 141

Wine in a plastic cup is classy no matter what anyone tells you.

Boston April 2011 134

Boston April 2011 135

Wow I need to wash and blow dry my hair. This is what happens when you don’t bring your round brush and blow dyer.

The game went into over time so by the time we got out it was getting late. We took the “T” back to our hotel and the only restaurant open was the Cheesecake Factory.

We split spinach dip:

Boston April 2011 136

I ordered the fried shrimp platter:

Boston April 2011 137

Then we called it a night. Fun date night! Thanks to my mother in law for watching the kiddos!

This morning I rolled with some granola and milk for breakfast:

Boston April 2011 138

I thought about getting a run in at the gym but that didn’t happen. I drank coffee in the hotel room instead. Oh well, I’ll worry about running later.

We took the kids to Boston Commons to ride the swan boats. They are these boats that were built in the 1800’s that have a big white swan on the back. You ride around this little lake in them. The trees are so beautiful in the Boston Commons… was a beautiful sight!

We thought we’d run into the Cheers restaurant (the outside is from the actual Cheers show….the inside was made to look like the set in Hollywood) for lunch. I ordered the turkey burger with onion rings:

Boston April 2011 139

It was ok….the food is nothing to write home about. It’s fun to check out the restaurant but I’d recommend eating somewhere else.

After lunch, we went back to Boston Commons for the kids to run around and play. Eventually it started to rain so we made our way back to the hotel.

Tomorrow is our last day in Boston….we head to the airport tomorrow night.

Did you ever watch the show Cheers? I did..I used to love it!

Are you going to watch The Royal Wedding? Nope.


  1. Huge lobster roll fan. Uri makes them at home too and they are excellent. I am going to pretend I didn't see that part where you wrote you are not watching the royal wedding.

  2. yum your eats look so delicious! i've never been to boston before, i really want to go though!

  3. That lobster roll is GORGEOUS! Go Bawwwwwston! Omg girl I want that clam chowder so bad! I miss Mass! I haven't been back since I was in elementary school =( The hubs has been and came home telling me "my people" have dirty accents and that he's glad mine is gone.

    Just for that I started Pahhhhking my cahhh again. jerk. haha

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  4. so many good eats! i did watch the wedding - no shame, loved every minute :)

  5. Okay, you just made so hungry! All your eats look amazing...I think I need to go to Boston just for all the good food!

  6. omg i feel full from just reading this post! all that food looks soooo good! i'm a sucker for dumplings and that veggie pizza looks delish


  7. Those shoes are adorable! Love the disco ball effect-so prismatic! Girl, I have never seen so much food in one post. I just gave into a chocolate craving, but you still made me hungry! Yup, used to watch and love Cheers too and no, didn't watch the royal wedding but I'm going to stalk whatever photos I can find pretty soon. Gotta check out the dress and cake!


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