139.4…yesterday/Birthday Recap Party One

I had the best weekend ever with my girlfriends for my “belated birthday party” at The Pelican Hills Hotel in Newport Beach this weekend!

This post will be snappy because I’m beat! I will post the rest tomorrow.

Friday night I went down to our club for a drink and some appetizers with some friends:

Birthday Party-Pelican Hills 001

I got to bed at a somewhat reasonable time after getting packed for my trip.

Saturday morning I picked up my friend Lisa and we grabbed some Starbucks and an Einstein egg white bagel thin sandwich (great breakfast sandwich by the way!) and hit the road for Newport Beach.

Birthday Party-Pelican Hills 002

We stopped at the South Coast Plaza mall to do some shopping and meet some friends. Then we all headed to the hotel. We came prepared:

Birthday Party-Pelican Hills 003

The fridge was stocked and the party got started!


My other friend Lisa, my sister in law Stephanie and myself. :)

This next picture is going to require some explanation:


My friend Lisa (who drove with me) has a Barbie that looks just like her. Sometimes she takes it places and poses her Barbie for funny pictures. I thought the pictures were so funny, I wanted a Barbie too! Lisa bought me a Barbie that resembled me the closest and there she is above with my favorite drink. :) Yes, we are weird and that’s ok.

We ordered lunch in the room. I split a BLT and fries with a friend:

Birthday Party-Pelican Hills 005

We spent the new few hours laughing, dancing and having a blast together!


I miss you girls already!!!!!

I will be back tomorrow with the rest of the recap and will hopefully get caught up on all YOUR blogs!

What did you do this weekend??

Do you have a crazy or chill week ahead?


  1. You and your friends are SO pretty! hehe the barbie thing is hilarious - love it. Glad you had a good time - i'm in catch up mode from the weekend too - ugh!

  2. You totally look like your barbie!!! =) Happy belated bday girl!!!!!!! <3 can't wait to hear more about it!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. Happy belated birthday to you!!
    Sounds like such a fun weekend! I'm glad you and your girlfriends take the time to celebrate with each other :)
    South Coast Plaza is one of my most favorite malls! LOVE IT!


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