140.0…So Nice I Ate It Twice

When I opened the fridge last night to try and figure out what I wanted for dinner, I saw this staring at me.

April 2011 058

A cool refreshing bottle of wine. Hello friend. Would you like to join me for the evening? Ok, great!

My fridge is also packed with stuff for the party this weekend so I thought it would be best to start cleaning it out. I found some leftover linguine (how old was that??) and heated it up with some marinara sauce. I had the rest of the mixed greens with my favorite salad dressing.

April 2011 057

Look what I had for breakfast! Bet you haven’t seen this before!

April 2011 059

Hehehe. I love that sandwich. Egg beaters are my friend. Cheese is my best friend.

Today the school events were a plenty. After dropping the kids off, I went to Starbucks for green tea before I had to kill some time before an event at my daughter’s school. In the meantime, my mother in law went to an event at my son’s school.

We all met up (me, my husband and mother in law) at Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza for lunch.

Have you seen this salad before?

April 2011 060

My favorite salad! It’s only been two days since I last had it. :) I don’t think I could ever get tired of their Chopped Chicken Salad. They sell the magical dressing and I’ve bought it a few times. It’s good but it’s just not the same unless it’s on THIS salad.

Hubby and I did split something different: Sliders!

April 2011 061

They were good!! I stole one before I took this picture. I just couldn’t help myself.

After lunch it was back to my son’s school. He was celebrating his birthday in his class so I brought ice cream sandwiches for all the kids.

Now we’re back at home. I’m doing laundry and baking a cake for my son’s birthday tomorrow.

Tomorrow I have to run 11 miles with my team. We are meeting earlier tomorrow…6:30AM. Ugh. I’ll be glad when it’s done.

Do you like sliders? I love mini versions of everything!

What are you up to this weekend?


  1. I love sliders! I'm with you on the mini-sized thing...they seem cuter and when they are mini sized they have no calories, right?

  2. There's that salad again! And sliders I love! Mini sized things are just fun to eat and it means I can eat more than one! Hope the party goes good and your run! It's raining here and I have a whole lot of baking planned for tomorrow.

  3. I think sliders are awesome for burger fans. I am okay with burgers and will eat them but will someone show burritos the love? Where are the burrito sliders?

  4. I love mini versions of things too! Mini is always cuter :)

    Hope the birthday party goes great!!

  5. Yum sliders! I love mini things too, a good excuse to eat more of them.

    That wine looks tasty, can't wait to drink wine again!

    Good luck running 11 miles, kick some ass! Can't say I've ever run that far before.

    This weekend = museum hopping some more around the city. :) Have a nice weekend/run!

  6. Sliders!!! I love it! Your food looks so good :)

  7. 11 miles! Egads! That is just insane to me. I bet I could run 1/2 a mile if I really tried. LOL! I do love sliders! So much. There's a tiny place called Cozy Inn that's been selling them since 1922 in nearby Salina, KS, and we stop in there every time we pass through on the way to my in-laws home b/c they are just so yummy! But we never go in b/c the grilled onion smell really clings to you. I like the smell, but I don't want to smell it all day, if you know what I mean. My first time there was after a wedding and we went inside. When we got home, I threw my dress away because the smell was so strong and I was too lazy to get it dry cleaned. LOL!


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