140.0…Mondays are Fun Days

I actually don’t mind Mondays. The kids are back in school, I get the house cleaned up from the weekend, put clean sheets on my bed (love this!) and get a good workout in.

Last night, I pulled yet other one of my famous frozen leftovers out of the freezer. This one was penne pasta with chicken and marinara. I served it with a big salad and almost forgot to take a picture until I was part of the way through. Oops!

April 2011 011

After the kids went to bed, my husband and I went in the jacuzzi for a bit. We love doing that right before bed….it sends you to dream land so nicely. :)

Breakfast was a Van’s waffle with almond butter and some cantaloupe.

April 2011 012

Van’s waffles are too small for my liking. I’d rather have my waffles thinner and larger…just in case you wanted to know.

Hubby took the kids to school and I went to Cardio Muscle class. I got a good weights workout in and not a lot of cardio which I was happy about because I had to run 3 miles of hills today for my half marathon training.

Mile 1 – 11:01 (all up hill)

Mile 2 – 10:04

Mile 3 – 10:25

I choose a new path today and it was very hilly. When I got home I changed and made lunch. I was starving!

April 2011 013

The last of the chicken salad on toasted wheat bread with a big salad on the side. I love chicken salad.

I picked up my daughter from school and took her to a playdate. My son is at a friend’s house so I will be picking him up later.

Not a lot else going on today. A pretty quiet Monday actually. Hubby is working tonight so I will heat something up for myself for dinner and go to bed early probably. Maybe I’ll read my book. Exciting stuff, I tell ya.

How was your Monday?

Do you run/walk around where you live? Is it hilly? Flat? It is so hilly where I live. I usually have to drive somewhere else if I want flat.


  1. Your food looks yummy. I hike the canyons everyday and boy it kicks my butt. I like to eat so I have to do this ;))) Happy Monday!

  2. I'm surrounded by hills right now and I don't love it. It's good for me though so I suck it up!

  3. I'm at the base of the McDowell Mountains, so it is hilly around my house. I almost always drive somewhere flat to run, especially if I'm taking Ava in the jog stroller!

  4. I don't mind Mondays either :)

    Thanks for letting me know how you like your waffles. Now I'll be able to fix you some just to your liking...in case you ever visit haha.

    We go on lots of walks...it's TOTALLY flat. I know hills are harder, but I sure wish we had some for scenery sake.

  5. Mondays aren't as bad as Tuesdays in my book. I despise Tuesdays. Ugh!

  6. monday is definitely a day to clean up from the weekend and get things back in order!

  7. the only hills i can find are in parking garages or on my treadmill! thank you, houston, tx :)

  8. I used to live right outside Chicago - the roads were flat as could be.

    10 years ago we moved to the "sticks" and my first 5k run I thought I was going to die - I wasn't used to running hills!

    A blog friend suggested I run at an incline to mimick the hilly outdoors in my area - but I am too chicken to attempt it again!

  9. I suddenly have a craving for a chicken salad sandwich.

  10. I love to run hills, its my favorite. I take a 3 mile run every other day...except now because I am doing the P90x


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