All Good Things Must Come To An End

There are no words to describe the fabulous time I had in Napa this past weekend celebrating my sister in law, Stephanie’s birthday. There wasn’t a lot of sleep but there was loads of wine, food and laughs.

After breakfast on Saturday, we hit the road to do some wine tasting.

March 2011 064

March 2011 065

The first stop was Domaine Carneros.

March 2011 066

March 2011 067

March 2011 068

March 2011 069

March 2011 071

March 2011 072 

March 2011 073

March 2011 075

March 2011 077

March 2011 078

The next winery was Artesa.

March 2011 079

March 2011 080

March 2011 081

March 2011 082

March 2011 083

March 2011 084

March 2011 086

March 2011 091

For lunch we went to my favorite burger joint ever: Gott’s Roadside.

March 2011 093

We kept the wine flowing. Check the carton this wine came in:

March 2011 092

Texas burger and onion rings.

March 2011 094


The next winery was Del Dotto.

March 2011 095

(Now, that’s my kind of wine glass!)

March 2011 096

March 2011 097

March 2011 098

March 2011 099

By the time we arrived at our last winery, it was closing but we took a moment for a photo op:

March 2011 100

We headed back to our hotel to change and went down to the lobby bar.

March 2011 101

More champagne. :)

March 2011 102

March 2011 104

We went to Morimoto for some appetizers. Check out the tuna tartare:

March 2011 105

It was a beautiful presentation and tasted fabulous. We had a few more appetizers that escaped the camera. After checking out another bar, we called it a (late) night.

Getting up this morning was a little rough but all was well as soon as breakfast arrived:

March 2011 106

Egg White omelet with potatoes, roasted tomatoes and wheat toast. And coffee of course. :)

We got packed up and hit the road to San Francisco. We stopped for lunch along the way.

March 2011 107

We found a little fancy taco place and grubbed on some tacos there.

I’m now at the airport and my flight is delayed due to weather. I’m really excited to get home to see my family (and to go to sleep early!).

I had such a blast in Napa…I haven’t laughed so much in a long time! Thanks Ladies for a fabulous weekend!

What is the best burger you’ve ever had?

What was the best part of your weekend? 

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  1. It looks like you had a great time with the ladies!!! Jealous, I want to go to Napa! I guess if a burger doesn't come to mind, I don't have a favorite yet. I should get on that!!!

  2. Hello wine and onion rings! I love it :)

  3. You ladies are SO stylish -I love it! Looks like a great time with great friends - love all of the food and wine pics! (and the boot pic!)

  4. Umami Burger has SO MANY good burgers. Also there is one at Fred Segal so it's a win win. You have to go if you haven't already.

  5. oh my word - what a weekend! looks fab.

  6. So jealous of your fabulous weekend!

  7. ahhh It looks like you had a blasty blast! =) That wine carton is too cute! I'm partial to wine in any container ... yes even a box is fun to me! hehe =)

    and soo many good eats! You have a pretty fab life Meliss! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  8. Napa, is the best! I told my husband that we need to retire that!! Ahh


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