141.4…Airport Blogging

Yeah for free Wi-Fi at the airport! I’m all checked in for my flight to San Francisco, final destination: Napa. We are celebrating my sister in law’s birthday (Happy Birthday Steph!) and I’m excited for the girls weekend!

The husband took me to my favorite restaurant last night: Firenze.

March 2011 024

Wine is the elixir of life.

We split the Chopped Caesar salad:

March 2011 025

I ordered the grilled salmon which came with a side of pasta and veggies:

March 2011 026

I ate every bite. It was amazing.

I woke up a little early to finish packing and get myself dressing, hair blow dried and everything. :) Breakfast was easy and quick…peanut butter on toast with strawberries:

March 2011 027

I took the kids to school and had about an hour to kill before an event at my daughter’s school, so I grabbed a latte while reading blogs at Starbucks.

March 2011 028

After I left my daughter’s school, it was time to head to the airport. I grabbed a turkey sandwich from Quiznos inside the airport for lunch.

March 2011 046

There are slim pickings for food in the terminal I’m in. But there is a bar…..decisions, decisions. :)

See ya in Napa!

Do you bring food to the airport or do you wing it like I just did today?


  1. So jealous of your trip!! Have the best time - look forward to the recap!

  2. I hope you are having a drink at the bar right now woman! Don't disappoint me!!

  3. ooh exciting! have fun! haven't been to napa in forever...need to change that asap

  4. I bring food with me because I'm unwilling to pay $9 for a miserable sandwich! Even Subways no longer has that $5 deal. I once forgot to bring food with me, so ended up eating two McD ice-cream cones for lunch. ;-)

    Enjoy yourself, Melissa! :D

  5. In the short few weeks that I've been following you, I must say, your life is pretty fabulous! Hope you have a great time in Napa :)

  6. i heard napa is absolutely stunning! have a grea time!

  7. Awww you have a great hubby! Have fun this weekend! Can't wait to see the recap! :-)


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