143.8…Lunch of Champions

Sundays are the perfect day to be lazy. I love having leftovers in my freezer to pull out on nights like these. Remember the Spicy Black Bean and Chicken Tortilla Soup I made awhile back from my cooking class at Great News? I have a few portioned out servings of it left and decided it would be the perfect dinner.

March 2011 168

Along with my favorite cornbread, it was an easy, delicious dinner for a lazy Sunday evening.

March 2011 169

It seems like every time I make this cornbread, I add different stuff to it. This time I added roasted chilies, frozen corn kernels and shredded cheddar cheese. My husband cannot just eat soup for a meal. He needs something to go with it: bread, sandwiches, pasta, anything. Just has to have something else.

I had to run this morning so I went with my “run food”: peanut butter on toast. I had some cantaloupe on the side:

March 2011 170

Today’s half marathon training was 3 miles of rolling hills. It’s easiest for me to do this workout on the treadmill so that’s what I did. After my run, I went to Cardio Muscle class. Good thing I burned a whole bunch of calories because I needed it for the lunch I had today!

My friend had a (big) gift card to Pacifica Del Mar and treated me to lunch! She insisted we had to use the whole gift card so we got to work.

Refreshing glass of Chardonnay to start:

March 2011 171

The weather was nice and the view from Pacifica Del Mar is incredible. They have an outdoor patio where we sat and enjoyed the view of the ocean.

We split two appetizers:

March 2011 172

Ahi Tuna Tartare and Crispy Calamari. Both were excellent…especially the ahi…it was so fresh!

We ordered two entrees and split them:

March 2011 173

Barbecued Sugar-Spiced Salmon with Chinese beans, garlic mashed potatoes and mustard sauce. Excellent! Loved the sugary crust on the salmon and it was cooked perfectly.

March 2011 174

Grilled Mahi Mahi with brown rice paella, rock shrimp and saffron butter sauce. Another winner. I loved the paella with the shrimp.

We also split TWO desserts:

March 2011 175

The Trio Plate: Chocolate cake, Crème Brulee and Chocolate Bon Bon. The other plate was Mocha Semifreddo. I think the semifreddo was my favorite…it had toffee candy all over the top.

I had such a fabulous, decadent time! I told my friend she needs to come up with some gift cards like that!

You basically could have rolled me out of there. I was stuffed. I needed a nap. But life has to go on sometimes. I needed to pick up my daughter from school. And then my son.

Now I plan on sitting on my bottom until it’s time to make dinner. I think it’s going to another one of those lazy leftover nights. :)

I’m going over to my friend Lisa’s house tonight to watch the finale of the Bachelor. I hope he picks Emily!!

Do you watch the Bachelor? Who do you think he’ll pick?

Can you eat soup for a meal or do you need something to go with it to feel complete?


  1. The meal looks wonderful from start to finish! I love soup for a meal and I can eat it all on its own!

  2. I can totally eat soup as a meal if I can have seconds =) haha! I looooove cornbread and croissants with my soups! <3 I bookmarked your fav cornbread recipe to try - it looks great! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. Uh oh...a favorite cornbread recipe?? This is have to see. I LOVE cornbread!

    Sound like you ladies had a fabulous lunch!

    I can eat soup as a meal if it's thick and filling. If it's real broth-y, then no.

  4. Cornbread is one of my FAVES. I made a pot of turkey chili once and wanted cornbread with it but a healthier version. So I made this:


    VERY good for a low-fat/high protein substitute. I used the 2% greek yogurt instead of non-fat but that's all I changed. I also cooked it in a square baking dish instead of muffins tins. It's definitely worth a shot if you're in the mood for it one day but are trying to behave.

  5. Unless I had a buffet for lunch, not sure soup would fill me up enough, unless it's a legit stuffed soup full of filling substance like pasta and beef and beans. :-)

    You should try making cornbread with half masa. It gives a lovely tortilla-ish bite to it!

  6. looks so good! one of my favorite foods is cornbread mmm...

  7. i always just do the most simple cornbread...but i love the idea of adding interesting things. totally need to try that!

  8. Soup with cornbread is my favorite!!! Ahi tuna....girl, you have me craving fish at 8 a.m. Did you watch the Bachelor?!?! SO SO GOOD....I hate that I cried!


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