141.0…News Flash: Fried Chips Are Not Healthy

Can you smell the weekend?? I can! I can taste the wine in Napa right now…

Before track practice last night I quickly heated up some leftover pasta and sauce for my 4:30pm dinner. Early bird special anyone?

March 2011 021

Every Wednesday night I meet my team for our half marathon track practice. It was hard last night! We had to push out of our comfort zone and run faster than it was comfortable doing. By the time I got home, I was pooped. I put some peanut butter on a piece of wheat bread, inhaled it and went to bed.

Breakfast this morning was Fage yogurt, sugar free strawberry jelly swirled in, granola and strawberries:

March 2011 022

After taking the kids to school, I drove to a new spot for a 4 mile run. There’s this path alongside this freeway near my house that I’ve always wanted to run. Don’t worry…there’s a gate and a lot of space between the path and the freeway. I always see runners and bikers there so I thought I’d give it a shot today.

Mile 1 – 10:02

Mile 2 – 10:12

Mile 3 – 9:50

Mile 4 – 10:02

I actually pushed myself and ran faster than I should have. There was a hill around miles 2 and 3 and I just kept plugging along at a good clip. I was exhausted when I was done. I think last night already pooped me out and today sealed the deal. Good thing there’s no running on the agenda for tomorrow! Oh and by the way, that path was kind of boring. Running on a straight line and watching cars on the freeway got old quickly.

After cleaning up, I got my nails done and grabbed a quick lunch at Rubio’s. I ordered their Health Mex burrito with grilled veggies. I usually order it with mahi mahi but I thought I’d try the veggie version. It was really good! When my order arrived, there was a huge pile of tortilla chips on my plate with my burrito. Hmmm….I just ordered your healthy option and you serve it with chips? Seems a little counterproductive to me no? I asked what else they had and chose the black beans.

March 2011 023

Much better. :) Of course I piled each bite with hot sauce. Check out all my little containers of hot sauce on the table. :)

I went to my wax appointment and picked up the kids from school. I leave for Napa tomorrow and have a list of things to do tonight. AND the hubby wants to take me out to dinner. Need to get cracking!

Have you ever been to Napa, CA?

Have you ever been wine tasting?


  1. I've been to Napa and Sonoma several times. I've even done the hot air balloon ride over Napa. That area is magical. Beautiful scenery, delicious wine, and fantastic food. Have a fabulous weekend and drink some wine for me! Can't wait to read about it here.

  2. Never been to Napa, but I have no doubt that you'll have an amazing time. Looking forward to hearing about it!
    Yes, been to lots of wine tastings. We have a high end chocolatier here than does wine and chocolate pairing tastings a few times a year...what's better than that?! :)

  3. I've never even been to the West Coast! lol Have fun in Napa, I love wine and would love to be able to go one day!!

  4. Do you guys travel every week? I love your life, woman! Work out, get manicure, get waxed, travel. Sounds so lovely. Course, I'm not a mom so I do indulge myself with quite a lot of free time! :) It's funny your burrito was served with chips. One of my favorite fast-food dinners is McDonald's Southwest grilled chicken salad and last time I got it, there was like 4 times the seasoned tortilla strips on it than usual! I knew I should have taken some off but I ate them all, and probably added several hundred cals to it. Oh well, lesson learned! Nope, never been to Napa or wine tasting! Never even been to CA! Despite having made some similar things in the kitchen, our lives are sooo different, but that's what makes it fun to read about yours.

  5. that's so great that you do track practices every wednesday to prep for the half marathon! i need to start today that so my feet get used to some speed on them! when is your half!?

  6. i'm so obsessed with fage yogurt - tasty!

    i love wine tasting. super fun.

    happy weekend :)

  7. Euniece, my half is June 5th! :)

  8. Veronica: I wish I traveled every week! Sometimes it seems like it doesn't it? My husband LOVES to travel so we are always taking the kids somewhere or just going the two of us. We are lucky that we live in driving distance of tons of great places!

  9. AWESOME RUN!!! I want to come watch Bachelor with you guys...pretty please! I have never been to Nappa...I NEED TOO!!! Your Rubio's looks fantastic! Have an amazing day gorgeous girl!

  10. I have never been anywhere in CA before! Its def on my list of places I want to travel to!!

  11. Never been wine tasting! I sooooo want to go one of these days! Theres a big winery here in NC that I can probably drag the husband too! =)

    I def ate the tortilla chips at lunch today... I ordered a veggie stacked salad and then piled on guac chips and salsa making my veggie filled lunch a giant fat bomb. I blame peer pressure (i requested to go to a salad bar restaurant that i haven't tried yet!) and the crazy workout that left me starving. regardless. now I feel like a hot bloated mess! damn you mexi-style restaurants!!!

    you're so smart, come control my habits =) haha

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons


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