141.0…I Dream of Wasabi

I enjoyed my sushi immensely last night. I love sushi. I wish I could sing it from the rooftops.

My friend Dina and I went to Love Boat Sushi last night. I had two glass of wine over the coarse of the evening.

March 2011 259

Our waiter brought us edamame and I also had a salad and miso soup to start:

March 2011 260

Then my tuna nigiri arrived.

March 2011 261

Me with all my eats:

March 2011 263

Such a happy lady. :)

But the best was yet to come. My favorite roll:

March 2011 264

The Wasabi Roll. It is what spicy dreams are made of. Inside there’s salmon, spicy tuna and a ton of wasabi. Order this if you have any sinus issues.

We both decided we needed some kind of chocolate dessert. We went across the street to The Elephant Bar. They had a special dessert called The Chocolate Indulgence. When we asked if it was like a chocolate lava cake, the waiter said yes and that is was also like an undercooked brownie. Score!

Well, it was not anything like a chocolate lava cake or a brownie whatsoever cooked or not cooked.

March 2011 265

It was more like warm chocolate pudding. It was topped with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and nuts. Now I’m not complaining, it satisfied my sweet tooth nicely. I’ve never been a big fan of The Elephant Bar. It always seems to be slightly disappointing.

I was a lazy bum this morning. Usually I get up super early and get dressed before the kids get up. I also eat breakfast before taking them to school usually. Today I decided to reverse things. I slept in, threw on some sweats and then got the kids ready and out the door. I showered and got dressed when I got back. Then I finally had breakfast.

March 2011 266

Egg beaters, light provolone cheese on toast with a side of strawberries.

I skipped Cardio Muscle class today because I have to run NINE miles tomorrow and I’m slightly (a lot) nervous. I want to rest the legs today.

It was raining when lunch time rolled around. Tomato soup and grilled cheese sounded like the perfect lunch.

March 2011 267

I put some turkey slices and Dijon mustard in the grilled cheese and added a couple of pickle spears.

After picking up the kids and coming home, I got some laundry going and had a snack:

March 2011 268

It’s kid’s movie night again at our club. Hubby isn’t going to be home so it’s just me, myself and I. Nice. :)

Have you ever been to The Elephant Bar? Thoughts?

Any big plans this weekend?


  1. I'd be disappointed if I got something like pudding instead of cake/brownie. Bummer!

    Good luck on your run tomorrow! I bet youre more prepared than you think you are and it'll go great!

  2. I don't know what the Elephant Bar is but if it is indeed a dancing bar place I am proud of you for doing some footwork for girls' weekend.

  3. SUCH a happy lady! Love it - and wasabi rolls - YUM! Nope - chill plans - heart!

  4. Hate Elephant Bar. Love your black top.

  5. Wow the photos in the post look so yummy! Brilliant post. You write pretty well.


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