143.8…Bachelor Party

When dinner time rolled around last night, I was not hungry. Not surprising after the ginormous lunch I had yesterday. I had defrosted something in my freezer that said “Mexican Lasagna” for dinner. I’d love to tell you where the recipe came from but I can’t remember! I heated up some refried beans to go with it.

March 2011 176

I added some salsa and chopped raw onions to it. I only could eat a few bites. I was not hungry. Not used to that feeling.

Several hours later I went over to my friend Lisa’s house to watch the season finale of The Bachelor. She had a fabulous spread out:

March 2011 177

My hunger started to return when I saw all the yummy eats. I sampled a few things and then called it quits. I even managed to avoid the desserts:

March 2011 178

Check out the cake Lisa made! It says “The Final Rose”.

March 2011 179

I did have one glass of wine while I was there:

March 2011 180

I was so happy Brad picked Emily! I did feel bad for Chantal though. The After the Final Rose show made me sad though. I doubt their relationship will last…I wasn’t feeling the love there at all.

The show wasn’t over until 11 so it was a late night for me. Waking up was a little rough. I still wasn’t very hungry at breakfast time so I went with a simple bowl of cereal:

March 2011 181

Special K Vanilla Almond & Fiber One cereals with almond milk and strawberries. I took the kids to school and went to spin class. Since I’ve started running, I find that spin class is harder. Not sure if it’s because I don’t go as often because I’m running more or if my body is just tired. Either way I was dripping with sweat afterwards.

I came home to change and grabbed a snack on my way out the door to Target and the grocery store.

March 2011 182

After my errands were done, I heated up a quick lunch. The rest of the Mexican Lasagna from last night and added some steamed broccoli to it:

March 2011 184

I picked up the kids from school and took them to their “Dog Smart” appointment. They are being taught how to be comfortable around dogs since they are scared of them. My son is making a lot of progress but my daughter is still pretty unsure. I can see the program working though!

It’s time to make this week’s Great News recipe of the week!

Did you watch the Bachelor last night? Thoughts?

What was your workout today? Did it challenge you?


  1. i agree - i didn't feel the love at all either. though i admit, the finale was the only part of the bachelor i watched!

  2. i didn't watch the bachelor, but i heard a lot about it. i'm interested to see if they can make the relationship work.

    my workout yesterday was a nice little treadmill run...today i may do some stairs and pushups?

  3. Spin class is no joke! I always sweat buckets when I go.

    I swear, you have the most happening social life! I could never keep up!

  4. SO cute - love the cake - very cool.

    No workout yet today - plan to spin after work!

    I LOVE those little babybels - been eating them since I was a little girl.

  5. At least you labeled your lunch from the freezer - on more than one occassion, I've brought marinara sauce for lunch thinking it was roasted red pepper soup!

    Need to go to spin class soon!

  6. My workout yesterday was a HIIT class, and boy, did it challenge me. My legs are sore today! I wish I liked spin, as I know it's a super workout, but I can't stand it.


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