144.0…Seven turned into Eight

So last night being Friday night, I felt like having wine. Wait….I feel like having wine every night. Anyway, I felt like having wine but then thought twice. Number One: I’ve been drinking a ton of wine lately. Maybe I need to take a break? (Boo!) Number Two: I had to get super early in the morning for seven miles (or so I thought). So I made a mock-tail:

March 2011 213

I brought out my fancy wedding crystal martini glass and poured some tonic in it with a lemon. Oh yeah. I am creative like that. There’s just something about holding a fancy glass that I love. Did it do the trick? Sort of.

Friday night is also a good night for pizza. When I was at the store earlier in the week, the Pillsbury pizza dough was on sale. Hubby LOVES it so I thought, what the heck.

March 2011 214

I put the dough in the pan and pre baked it for a bit because we like our crust crispy. On top went pizza sauce, shredded mozzarella, onions, dried basil & oregano.

March 2011 215

I had two slices and made a big salad. It was a great meal!

My alarm went off at 5:30AM this morning. Yes…on purpose. I had to meet my Team in Training for our Saturday run. I had my standard peanut butter on toast before I left.

March 2011 216

I had it in my mind that I was supposed to do 7 miles. Well, we were handed our maps and I saw that my team was doing 8. Huh?? Oh well, at that point, what’s another mile?

The first four miles were a little rough for me. I think I was remembering Thursday’s run with the evil water belt (which I left at home today). At the half way point aid station, I tried some of that Gu/Gel fuel replacement for the first time. That stuff is nasty. I have a texture issue. I think pudding is a little funky and the same thing with applesauce. When my kids were babies, feeding them baby food was nauseating. Anyway, I think I like the shot blocks better. The aid station had gummy bears so I ate that instead. The next four miles were so much better!!!

March 2011

Mile 1 – 10:37

Mile 2- 11:20 (hills)

Mile 3 – 10:16

Mile 4 – 10:14

Mile 5 – 10:11

Mile 6 – 10:17

Mile 7 – 10:46 (hills)

Mile  8 – 10:51 (hills)

I could have kept running. It’s so nice when you “running legs” start to take over from your “lead legs”.

On my way home I stopped at Starbucks for a latte. I needed coffee!

I also needed food! I skipped the cold hard bagels that are available after our runs for something better: spicy eggs!

March 2011 217

I loved my eggs this morning. I scrambled some egg beaters with jalapenos, spinach, red onion, salsa and shredded cheddar cheese. After this picture was taken I loaded Cholula hot sauce all over it and went to town.

Then I took a hot shower. Life was complete.

A little bit later I had some dates:

March 2011 218

I took my daughter to a birthday party. Yes, another birthday party. I have one tomorrow too. Don’t get jealous.

I managed to not eat the pizza and cake again! I’m on a roll! I did eat a ton of fruit there and this Trader Joe’s Trail Mix bar after the party:

March 2011 219

I was still hungry so  I rolled up some turkey slices, mustard and pickles in a wheat tortilla:

March 2011 220

So tonight we are taking the kids to meet some friends at The Hamburger Factory. You know what the hamburger factory has (besides hamburgers)? Hot wings. How the heck will I avoid those!?!

Do you have food texture issues?

Are you sleeping habits the same on the weekends as the weekdays or different?


  1. Good job on your 8 miles! You're becoming quite the runner!!

    Ooh, I've been curious about the pillsbury pizza crusts...do you get the thin or regular?

  2. Hi Megan! To answer your question: I use the Pillsbury Classic crust. I didn't know there were different ones. I just checked the package and it just says "Classic". Hope that helps!

  3. Congrats on your running legs!!!! mine are running legs for a mile and then they turn into lead legs! hehe! You're so hardcore! congrats on 8 miles =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  4. I have to tell you, I love your left thumb. It makes a lot of appearances in your pics when you're holding food or a drink and it's so pretty! I'm sure your entire hand, both of them, are equally lovely but since I haven't seen them, I can only compliment that gorgeous thumb. LOL! I didn't think I had food texture issues but then I discovered tofu shirataki noodles. Like chewing on rubber bands. I can't stand rubbery food, like clams and mussels either. Maybe those aren't supposed to be rubbery but the only ones I've tried have been. I also don't like flan, but I think it's more the milky taste than the texture b/c I do love pudding. Anyway, good luck avoiding those hot wings! Or maybe you could have them as a meal with a salad. That doesn't sound unhealthy to me!

  5. Thanks Veronica! I was blessed with my grandmother's beautiful hands. :) And your hot wing idea is great for normal people but I've been known to eat my weight in wings. :)


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