140.4…Great pizza, Bad service

There was a change of plans last night. I was all ready to make the Great News recipe of the week until the husband came home with food poisoning. Ugh. I think it might have been bad chicken or cheese and both were on the menu for dinner so that obviously got scrapped.

By the time I had gone to the pharmacy to pick up his prescription and to buy copious amounts of Gatorade, it was dark and I wanted dinner. Earlier in the week I had bought a jar of Safeway Select’s Roasted Onion and Garlic pasta sauce. It was a good night for pasta….my go-to dinner.

March 2011 247

AND I just received this Garlic Gold pack in the mail from Tina’s OpenSky deal:

March 2011 248

It was a perfect time to try them! I cooked up some linguine, topped it with the sauce and Garlic Gold. I put my plate on the dinner table and both my kids decided they wanted some even though they had already eaten. By the time I finally sat down, I was so ready to eat that I forgot to take a picture. :( I’m sure you can use your imagination.  The sauce was just ok but the Garlic Gold nuggets were good!!

Breakfast this morning was an egg beater burrito on a wheat tortilla with some Mexican style rice and salsa. I had a couple of clementines with it:

March 2011 249

After taking the kids to school, I dropped my car off for a recall repair and came back home to get ready for my friend Lila’s birthday lunch.

Lunch was at Dolce Pane E Vino in Rancho Santa Fe. We sat outside on their patio. It was a little cold but beautiful out nonetheless.

I had a couple of pieces of bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar:

March 2011 251

A glass of Chardonnay:

March 2011 252

Have you noticed I haven’t had any wine in a few days?? I’m being such a good girl!

We placed our food orders but the waitress wouldn’t let us place our drink orders until the food order was given to the kitchen. Odd. By the time my wine arrived, I was more than excited about it.

I ordered a Caprese salad to start:

March 2011 253

I like mine with a lot of balsamic vinegar so I asked for some extra. My friend Lisa next to me needed some for her beef carpaccio. It took asking about 6 times (once going inside to ask) before it arrived. 

When my pizza arrived the balsamic still had not. Hmmm. My pizza was good though! I ordered the Prosciutto & Egg Flatbread with Crushed San Marzano Tomatoes, Wild Arugula and Parmigiano:

March 2011 254

There was actually a sunny side up egg under that prosciutto. It was really good. I actually put some of the fresh mozzarella cheese & tomatoes from my salad on the pizza as well.

Someone ordered dessert for the table: some sort of chocolate soufflé cakes:

March 2011 255

I had a couple of bites. I showed restraint. I also knew that if I ate anymore I wouldn’t feel too hot. Using the brains!

I’ve been to Dolce Pane E Vino before and never had a problem. Usually I’m pretty easy going but I was irritated today at the service. I think they old had one server but the restaurant wasn’t too busy. What bothered me was that she seemed annoyed by anything we asked for. Never was there an apology like “Sorry we are short today” or “I’m the only one here, please bear with me.” Oh well. You can’t win them all!

Ok, I gotta run. I have to pick up my car from the repair place and get to track practice. Ah yes, track. I won’t be eating anything else before track. For the last few weeks, I’ve tried to figure out how much to eat beforehand and when so that I don’t “feel it” while running. We’ll see what happens today. :)

Ever had an egg on your pizza? It was really good!

What do you do when service is bad at a restaurant?


  1. ooh I totally want to try egg on my pizza! sounds fun =)

    Good girl! you're officially a casual wine drinker and not a wineo like me! =) teehee! I'm all out right now though. sad face

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. I have seen a few bloggers put egg on pizza. I definitely need to give this a try!

  3. I want to try eggs on my pizza - that looks sooo good! I hate when service is bad! I usually don't do anything other than not going back there - unless it's a favorite.

  4. no no no! No eggs on pizza!
    (lol! I don't do eggs, except via baked goods!)

    AHHH! I keep seeing garlic gold EVERYWHERE and I have no doubt that it's good but for some reason I haven't bought any. You like it??

  5. those garlic gold nuggets sound heavenly! i'm obsessed with garlic!

  6. egg on a pizza?! that sounds pretty good. hope track practice went well...i have the hardest time running in the afternoons because of the food thing.

  7. Your poor hubs! Food poisoning is the absolute pits. Bad service irritates me but I can handle it if the server is apologetic, which they usually are. I don't give good tips for those who act like your waitress. One time my sister and I went to a place that had a buffet but you could also order stuff off a menu. We chose to just have the buffet and it was the kind where they give you your plates when you need a new one to go back. Well our waitress NEVER ever came to our table to check on us, we had to go hunt her down every time we wanted a new plate. She had an attitude each time we asked, like how DARE we want another plate? And water? Forget it! I didn't want to tip her but my sister gave her $5 (more than 15%), hoping that if the girl was giving us bad service b/c she thought we wouldn't be good tippers, it would teach her a lesson and she would be nicer to the next couple young people that ate there. (we were much younger at the time, in our early 20s) My sister is sweet but I really doubt it made a difference!

  8. I have never had egg on a pizza, sounds interesting! We have a running joke in our house because the man is portuguese (it seems like the portuguese put eggs on everything!), so I did try an egg on a burger recently..actually really good! I think it just changes the flavor and adds to it to make an explosion of yumminess in your mouth!
    As for the bad service, I use to be a waitress before becoming a nurse, and quite honestly it's not that difficult. Yes, you are busy. Yes, you are human so you can make mistakes. BUT, in your situation, having to ask all those times for the same thing, that person didn't give a rats patoot. I am not a mean person, so I usually do not say rude things to people I do not know, but I have in the past left a note on the receipt. I personally believe a tip is a reflection of a job well done or vice versa.

  9. I actually make what Italians call a breakfast pizza....mmmmm deliciouso !!!

  10. I have never had egg on pizza but I have seen this on other blogs before. I really should try sometime!


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