140.0…I Eat 9 Miles for Breakfast

Today was a day of domination. I feel like I totally dominated everything I attempted today. It’s been a LONG day so I’m going to try and make this snappy.

Yesterday after I brought the kids home from school, I made a batch of Rice Krispy Treats with M&M’s for my kids and nephews who were coming over the next day.

March 2011 272

I dropped the kids off at my club’s Kid’s Movie Night and had a movie night of my own. Hubby wasn’t home so I took advantage of the evening by myself. I reheated some leftover Chicken Tikka Masala and ate it with brown rice and peas. I poured myself a glass of wine and ate dinner in front of the TV.

March 2011 273

I watched Eat Pray Love while finishing my wine and a little chocolate:

March 2011 274

I enjoyed the movie but I thought the book was better. :)

I picked up the kiddos and everyone went to bed.

My alarm went off at 5:30am. Got my running gear on and grabbed some peanut butter toast for breakfast.

March 2011 275

I hit the road to Moonlight Beach in Encinitas to meet Team in Training for our long run of the week. 

March 2011 269

Today’s run was NINE miles. I was super nervous last night but as soon as my feet started moving this morning, I knew all would be well. I dominated nine miles.

Here I am at an aid station enjoying some water and gummy bears:

March 2011 270

I tried some shot blocks today and I really liked those. Much better than that Gu crap. :)

Turns out our route was a little longer than 9 miles.

March 2011 271

Mile 1 – 11:25

Mile 2 – 11:05

Mile 3 – 10:52

Mile 4 – 10:45

Mile 5 – 10:45

Mile 6 – 10:34

Mile 7 – 10:29

Mile 8 – 11:15

Mile 9 – 10:49

Mile .62 – 10:23

I really felt like I could have kept going. I think  I really can run 13.1 miles. No, I KNOW I can!

After some stretching, I hopped in the car to head home. I ate one of these Trader Joe’s Vanilla Almond Crunch bars:

March 2011 276

I showered quickly and the kids and I headed over to my sister in law’s house. It’s my nephew’s first birthday today.

As soon as I arrived, I dominated the cheese and crackers. I ate like it was my job.

March 2011 277

I also had some lamb wrapped in lavash bread with some hummus.

When it was cake time, I dominated the cake. I just took a fork to it and went to town.

March 2011 278

Just kidding. I ate a normal sized piece. :)

We chilled there for the rest of the day. I sat and relaxed and it felt great. At some point, it was wine time. More domination.

March 2011 279

For dinner my sister in law made spaghetti and pizza. Domination? You bet!

March 2011 280 

That was plate one of two. :)

I came back to my house after dinner with my kids and two of my nephews. They played for a bit until their parents came to pick them up.

My kids are fast asleep and I’m next. Time to dominate dream land!

Have you read/seen the Eat Pray Love book/movie?

What did you dominate this weekend?


  1. I am going to dominate my triathlon tomorrow! ;D
    Way to go on your run!!! You are gonna do great on your half marathon!

  2. Looks like you had a great day!!

  3. I know you can do it too - AWESOME! I didn't read the book, heard it was good, tried watching the movie twice and just couldn't like it. boo.

  4. LOVE Eat Pray Love the book. Haven't seen the movie because I assume I won't like it. Most movies from books are a disappointment.

    Umm, I think it's very unfair that you look so good while running 9 miles. I'd be a flushed, sweaty mess.

  5. Great job on the 9 miles! You make it sound easy. I dominated the kitchen this weekend - now I NEED to run 9 miles!


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