142.2…Laker Bound!

Happy Sunday! Our friends invited us to the Laker Game tonight and I have a lot to do before we leave!

Breakfast was my favorite spicy eggs using egg beaters, jalapenos, salsa, red onion and spinach. I put the eggs on top of some refried beans. Delish!

March 2011 281

I showered and read some blogs. Now I need to get the kids fed and drop them off at a friend’s house. Then I need to pick up the hubby at the airport. He was in Las Vegas this weekend for a bachelor party. I don’t think any other 35 year old man goes to as many bachelor parties as my husband does.

I just heated up the last of my Chicken Tikka Masala for lunch.

March 2011 282

As soon as it was ready, I realized that I wasn’t very hungry. So I took two bites and put it back in the fridge. I guess lunch will have to wait.

I hate to run but I’ve got to get my Laker colors on and run!

Ever been to a NBA Basketball Game?

What was the best thing you ate all weekend? 

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  1. You're such a busy woman! Hope you enjoy the Lakers game! I've never been to an NBA game, but I've gone to an NFL game and a whatever pro baseball games are. lol!

  2. The egg dish looks delicious!!!
    very nice.

    I have not been to any Basketball game so far.
    Best thing I ate all weekend?...has to be the 'daal fry' prepared by my wife.

  3. Best Thing I ate? the post marine corps training salad that my hubs made me was the bestest! maybe b/c he made it? or maybe b/c I burned a zillion calories that day? who knows!

    Hope you had fun at the game!!!! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  4. lakers game sounds so fun!!

    we had some gumbo with cornbread last night that was pretty delicious :)

  5. Hope you had fun! I've haven't been up to par this past weekend, so my eating has been sporadic. Handful of kashi cereal, babybel cheese.....so when I had a small bowl of box mac n' cheese last night, it was glorious! Haha


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