I did something brave today. I went to Costco with five days left until Christmas and in the rain to boot. At least all my errands are behind me and I can relax inside while watching the rain, not being in it.

We went to Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant last night for dinner. I ordered the shrimp enchiladas:

December 2010 162

They were just ok. I ate both of them and skipped the rice and beans.

Breakfast this morning was something I hadn’t had in awhile: cereal!

December 2010 163

I had Special K Cinnamon Pecan, Fiber One and almond milk. In the other bowl was the last of the cantaloupe.

I went to Cardio Muscle class and got a great workout in….good thing because it might be the last workout I get for awhile.

I came home to change and braved Costco. It wasn’t so bad actually. I got in, I got out but I did get wet. I went to get gas, go to the bank and to the grocery store. I picked up some sushi at Costco for lunch:

December 2010 164

Now I need to get packed up…I’m going to my parents house tomorrow through Christmas day. Yippee! Hubby and the kids will be joining us on Friday.

Are you traveling for the holidays or are you staying home?


  1. mmm sushi! I'm about to go eat that for dinner right now! =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. You are very brave going to Costco this week. Have a wonderful holiday break.

  3. Yeah, we went to Costco Sunday afternoon. It actually wasn't to bad. We are staying put for the holidays, but all my family is flying in from Minnesota (if the storm doesn't stop them.)


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