Just like that, Christmas came and went. How does it all go so fast? I had such a great time with my family but now I’m home and I’m excited just to relax for once! :)

Christmas Eve’s lunch was an old family favorite: King Taco. I had a chicken burrito:

December 2010 165

I love all things spicy but their hot sauce is crazy hot. I still ate it. :)  Christmas Eve was spent prepping for Christmas dinner and making another family favorite: Beef Stroganoff. We eat it every year for Christmas Eve.

December 2010 166

My dad made his famous salad. What a great meal! It’s one of my favorite dishes ever!!

Christmas morning we immediately opened gifts. :)  Afterwards my brother started making his famous spicy eggs. I put together the trifle I had planned for dinner:

December 2010 167

And put together the beef wellingtons:

December 2010 168

Then it was time for breakfast. We had orange rolls:

December 2010 169

And yummy scrambled eggs with bacon:

December 2010 170

The rest of the day was spent relaxing, hanging out and napping. Eventually I had to get my butt up and cook dinner.

Beef Wellingtons:

December 2010 171

My plate:

December 2010 172

Beef Wellington, roasted red potatoes and peas. I still wasn’t feeling so hot so I didn’t eat that much. I only had a couple bites of dessert. :( After dinner it was time to drive home and go to bed.

This morning I had two slices of English muffin bread, one with honey and butter and the other with Barney Butter:

December 2010 173

I did tons of laundry, ran the dishwasher and put all the gifts away. We decided to all go to Souplantation for lunch.

December 2010 174


We have family coming into town this week so it’s going to be another busy one!

What was the best thing you ate all weekend? 


  1. Souplantation/sweet tomatoes is my favorite restaurant in the history of EVER! True story! Looks delish!

    Your trifle looked gorgeous and I heart the little stars on the puff pastry! so flipping cute! =)

    Happy Holidays! <3
    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. Your beef wellington looks amazing!


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