138.4 yesterday…139.0 today

Congratulations to Anna Walker! She won the signed Entertaining Menus cookbook by Phillis Carey! Send me your info and I’ll get it in the mail to you!

Friday night, I wanted something easy for dinner. I still wasn’t feeling 100%. I had received a coupon for two free refrigerated entrees from Von’s grocery store. I chose the cheese and black bean enchiladas. I made Spanish Rice to go with it. I tried to get the enchiladas onto the plate in a way that they would photo nicely. Fail.

December 2010 070

They were just ok. But it got the job done.

Saturday morning I just could not decide what to have for breakfast. Nothing sounded good. Finally, I settled on cheese on toast:

December 2010 071

Then it was time to get ready for our friend’s company’s holiday party. It was held at The Marine Room in La Jolla.

December 2010 072

There was plenty of champagne and a great lunch buffet! I didn’t snap any photos being that I really didn’t know anyone at my table and didn’t want to appear weird. :)

After the holiday party, I came home to take a wonderful nap while the hubby chilled with the kids. I rarely nap but I really needed it!

We gathered up the kids and went to Villa Capri to meet some friends for dinner. I had wine:

December 2010 073

We ordered Caesar salad family style for the table:

December 2010 074

I dominated the salad. It was so good! I also had a little chicken parmesan and veggies:

December 2010 075

And some veggie pizza….

December 2010 076

Sorry for the half eaten pizza picture. I got really excited and almost forgot to snap a photo! We went back to our friends house for a bit and came home to go to bed.

This morning I had an egg beater and Swiss cheese sandwich on a sandwich thin with the last pineapple spear:

December 2010 077

I spent the rest of the morning putting away laundry, dishes and cleaning up the house.

Lunch was a roast beef and cheddar cheese sandwich with some red bell peppers and hummus:

December 2010 078

I have no plans for the rest of the day. Love that!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for my review of Wendy’s new natural cut French fries and ANOTHER GIVEWAY!

What was the best thing you ate all weekend?


  1. I have not been on your blog in a while! I hope all is well over on the west coast!

    omg the marine room is amazing!!!!!! My fiance took me there as a suprise when we were out in san diego area, loved it! Amazing how its right on the ocean!

  2. HI Katie! I totally agree about the Marine Room....it's mesmerizing!!

  3. Looks like you are eating quite well. That salad does look fantastic!

  4. love the Marine Room!

    Best thing I ate all weekend...hmmm... a tie between our grilled jumbo crab legs tonight or our dinner out at Mastro's last night. I have eaten well this weekend!!


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