138.6 yesterday…138.2 today

Happy New Years Eve! I can’t believe this is the last post for 2010!

Wednesday night we never made it to Benihana. We called and they were booked the whole night. Oh well. We went to Islands instead. I had a turkey burger on a wheat bun with some fries:

December 2010 184

Yesterday’s morning’s breakfast was a whole wheat waffle with peanut butter and an apple:

December 2010 185

I was actually pretty productive yesterday. I had my stove fixed and paid all the bills. I had tons of pictures I had taken that I hadn’t put on CDs yet so I took care of that.

Lunch was a repeat of the day before:

December 2010 186

Egg Noodles with marinara. :)

I washed and STYLED my hair. It had been a few days since I actually blow dried my hair. I washed all the kids’ laundry and cleaned up the house a bit. I put all the kids stuff from the past year in scrapbooks. I basically kicked ass.

Our family from out of town plus the in town family came home for dinner. We ordered Pat & Oscars. I had a little of everything:

December 2010 187

Pizza, penne pasta, bbq chicken and Greek & Caesar salads. I went back for seconds of course. I also made some cookies with pre-made dough. I had two of those as well.

That brings us back to today. I did two things today that I hadn’t done in awhile: worked out and ate veggies.

Breakfast was an egg beater burrito with a wedge of Laughing Cow Chipotle cheese and Cholula hot sauce:

December 2010 188

Then I went to Cardio Muscle class. I’m not going to lie…it was hard. Between having the flu and not working out for a week and half, I really struggled. But I’m glad I went and burned some extra calories for tonight! :)

I came home to shower and get my laundry started. Lunch was leftover pizza and a big salad:

December 2010 189

Veggies! Welcome back into my life!

Tonight we are going to our club for dinner and to celebrate the new year! We haven’t gone out for New Years Eve in a few years so I’m excited!

Tomorrow being New Years, I’ve started thinking about my new years resolutions. I actually found mine from last year and completed most of them except for running my first 5K. My sister in law actually might have talked me into running a half marathon in June in San Diego so I may just skip the 5K this coming year too! :)

This coming year I’d like to keep my weight steady without stressing too much about it (HARD for me), eat lots of fruits and veggies and have more patience.

Whatever you are doing tonight…have fun and be safe. Thanks for reading my little blog! Happy New Year!

What are you doing tonight to celebrate?

What are your New Years Resolutions?