140.4…Christmas Tree Extravaganza!

Before I get to the myriad of Christmas trees I was so fortunate to photograph, I just wanted to remind you to take a minute and leave a comment here to enter the giveaway for the $20 Wendy’s gift cards. You have until Friday at 5PM PST to enter.

Wow! What a great Bunco last night! I love December’s Bunco because we always do a gift exchange. This year the host definitely won the prize for most outstanding holiday decorations…she has 20 Christmas trees in her home. Yes, you heard me right. Twenty. And they were all so beautiful and well decorated…they look like they came right out of a store!

Before I get into the tree madness, let’s see what I ate. I drank plenty of bubbly:

December 2010 089

Had a fabulous meal of two different types of lasagna, roast beef, salami, cheese and a delicious salad:

December 2010 090

Dessert was a very yummy piece of moist chocolate cake:

December 2010 091

I stuck to one piece although I really wanted another. Gotta cut back somewhere!

Ok, let’s get to the tree tour.

First up: The dessert tree:

December 2010 092

This tree had all sorts of sweet treat ornaments: cupcakes, etc.

This tree was the candy cane tree:

December 2010 093

The black and white tree:

December 2010 094

Ooohhh….one of my favorites: the Safari tree:

December 2010 095

It had all sorts of animal ornaments and animal print things:

December 2010 096

The snowflake tree:

December 2010 097

My personal favorite: the Wine tree:

December 2010 098

There were all sorts of wine related ornaments on it!

December 2010 099

At this point I was becoming overwhelmed confused. :)

December 2010 100

The tropical tree:

December 2010 101

The Red Sox tree (hence the batting pose):

December 2010 102

The Gold tree:

December 2010 104

The main tree in the family room taken from the balcony above:

December 2010 105

The "Retro” tree:

December 2010 106

It had all sorts of ornaments I recognized when I was a kid.

A very sparkly green tree with pink ornaments:

December 2010 107

The trees in her son’s room:

December 2010 109

Dina and I with the kitchen tree:

December 2010 111

There was another tree in the kitchen I almost forgot to photograph. I did a self portrait on this one:

December 2010 112

After the tree madness we all sat down to start the gift exchange.

December 2010 117

I ended with champagne and a cookbook. Pretty fitting if you ask me!

December 2010 118

It was such a good time! If you were wondering (because I was), she starts putting up the trees in October. Oh my.

Breakfast this morning was egg beaters on a toasted English muffin smeared with a Laughing Cow garlic & herb cheese wedge with a side of cantaloupe:

December 2010 119

I took the kids to school and then went to Zumba class. I came home just in time to get cleaned up, meet my mom who drove down from Los Angeles and head over to Dina’s house. She threw me a little birthday lunch!!

December 2010 120

There were beverages:

December 2010 121

Ahh……what a sweet little baby!

December 2010 122

Oh yeah, that’s champagne!

December 2010 123

There were great appetizers!

December 2010 124

Especially the fried mac and cheese bites!!!

December 2010 125

Oh my!!

Dina made delicious paninis and salad:

December 2010 127

Wow…..so good! I love paninis. I have a panini maker….I think I need to start bringing that bad boy out more often!!!

Last but certainly not least:

December 2010 128

Dessert: Nutella Panini!

Then I got to open presents! I have THE BEST friends!!!!!! And the best mom for driving two hours each way for lunch!! :)

Ok, we are about to head out the door with the kids for dinner. Have a great evening!!

Are you a panini fan?


  1. LOVE, LOVE paninis! Could eat them everyday. :-) Of course, I never met a sandwich I didn't like.

  2. LOVE NUTELLA!!! I thought this post couldn't get any tastier until I saw that! I wish i had enough space for all those trees hahaha so cute! my favorite would be the sweet tree : )

  3. Fried mac & cheese balls? 20 Trees? Madness - love it! The candy tree is so cute - and the retro one. Oh really all of them - and they're all SO decorated - I can't even imagine. Now I feel like a CRAZY lazy person for not doing one. hehe (in my defense we're out of town so i was like meh - what's the point)

  4. Loved all the trees and ornaments!
    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, girl :D


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