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Last night we took the kids to our club to meet some friends to watch Monday Night Football. No…really we came for their FABULOUS hot wings!

December 2010 084

These things rock my face off. I think it had been three weeks since we last had them so I think I ate a few too many. Along with the wings, I had a Caesar salad with blackened ahi tuna:

December 2010 085

You can see the hot wing bone graveyard plate above the salad.  After eating my weight in hot wings, I experienced only what I can call: Hot Wing Coma:

December 2010 086

Ah, yes. But they were so good!!!!!!

Breakfast this morning was a whole wheat waffle with peanut butter and a side of cantaloupe:

December 2010 087

After taking the kids to school, I went to spin class. After a great workout, I came home to change and then I hit the mall! I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet that Thursday is my BIRTHDAY. I LOVE my birthday. :) I had received a ton of coupons from various stores to use for the month of my birthday so I decided to take advantage of it!

Ever since I went shopping with my mom last week, I haven’t stopped thinking of the delicious Hickory Smoked Turkey Sandwich I had so I ordered it again today!

December 2010 088

It did not disappoint. Properly fueled, I was able to shop till I dropped. I used most of my coupons and really scored at the Gap. I don’t shop at the Gap all that often but they had a great sale today! Yes!

Tonight I am going to Bunco. We are doing a gift exchange…..I’m super excited!

Where have you found good sales lately?


  1. Everyone is always eating waffles with pb! I'm going to break down and try it one of these days =) its starting to look pretty tasty! =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. Yuuuum... smoked turkey sandwich?!
    Holy Yuminess, hahaha :D

  3. Embarassed to admit that I haven't been to the mall since September. I hate malls, so I end up paying full price for many things and buying online.

  4. I am jealous of your whole fabulous day! Happy pre-birthday!


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