Last night we met a couple of friends at Market Restaurant. Ever since I went last time and had amazing sushi, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Fortunately, I was able to satisfy the sushi calling!

We started with some wine…

December 2010 002

The chef sent out a complimentary tasting. I’m not exactly sure what it was. Some kind of cracker with goat cheese and fruit:

December 2010 003

Too fruity for me. Blah.

The edamame was delicious though!

December 2010 004

Then the heavens opened and the angels began to sing!

December 2010 005

I love sushi!

December 2010 006

So amazing. When can I go back????

So…Weight Watchers unveiled their new points program. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I feel like I have to start all over and learn a new program. But I have an open mind and will forge on!

Breakfast was an egg beaters sandwich on a light wheat English muffin (now THREE points instead of ONE – ARGH) with cheddar cheese and a half a grapefruit:

December 2010 007

I couldn’t help myself at the grocery store yesterday and bought eggnog. Yes, I bought the low fat version but still. God help me. I put some in my coffee this morning. I didn’t really think it was that great….I still had to add some vanilla syrup. Guess I’ll have to drink the stuff straight up…with some brandy of course. Oh, the trials of life.

I dropped the kids off at school and came home to get some work done. I went to Zumba, came home to change and was off to do a million errands. I stopped at Subway for lunch. The usual turkey on wheat:

December 2010 008

I spent some glorious time in Target buying necessities and not-so necessities. You know….the usual Target experience.

After taking the kids home from school, I went to pick up my car from the place installing the DVD player. (Thanks Lisa!) It’s nice to have my new car back. :)

Dinner was easy. Leftover turkey enchiladas and Spanish rice from last night’s dinner:

December 2010 009

I packed up the rest of the enchiladas and put them in the freezer.

Tonight is night number two of Hanukkah. It’s candle lighting time!!

Do you/have you ever followed Weight Watchers? Do you like the new program? 


  1. Even though I just had dinner, I now have a huge sushi craving after reading this post. I've not only never done Weight Watchers, even as a RD, I've never been able to figure how the calories and points equated.

  2. I did WW once, when I was 17 or 18, and it didn't really work for me at that point in my journey. But, I am totally curious about the new program and am debating enrolling in the online program for 3 months as a trial.


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