Well I guess Thanksgiving is almost over because all the leftovers are gone. I used the last of the turkey in Turkey Enchiladas last night. I also made some Spanish rice:

November 2010 311

I really liked the enchiladas and the rice. Hubby wasn’t a big fan of the turkey enchiladas. I think it’s because I used mostly dark meat in them (that’s all I had left). Well, I have a ton of leftovers that I guess I’ll have the pleasure of eating another time.

After dinner, I had a half of a chocolate chip cookie. I couldn’t help myself. They are so good!

November 2010 312

I had Fage yogurt with All Bran Bran Buds and strawberries:

November 2010 313

I took the kids to school and went to the grocery store to grab some supplies for the Hanukkah dinner I’m making on Friday. Roast chicken and potato latkes!!

I went to spin and came home to grab some lunch:

November 2010 314

I secretly saved a nice piece of turkey for my last turkey sandwich. I had some carrots, orange bell pepper and hummus on the side.

Next it was off to my wax appointment (Hi Sue!) and other miscellaneous errands. I picked up the kids, took my son to his hair cut appointment and came home for a snack:

November 2010 315

Another cheese sandwich!! :) Love cheese! 

Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah and the kids are going to loose their mind if we don’t get started soon. :) Gotta run!

What is your go-to website for recipes?

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