140.4 yesterday…138.8 today

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! It has been raining here all weekend but I’ve been enjoying the grey, dreary weather actually!

Friday night I made brownies:

December 2010 152

Here’s the recipe.  I liked these brownies. They were rich and a little dense. The hubby told me that he didn’t like them for those very reasons. Although…he keeps eating them. Hmmmmmm…

For dinner I kept it easy. I defrosted some of my favorite marinara sauce and cooked up some whole wheat penne. I combined the two, put some shredded mozzarella on top and baked it until the top was golden brown. Along with a Caesar salad, it was  great meal!

December 2010 153

I had a little square of brownie for dessert:

December 2010 154

Saturday morning’s breakfast was an egg beater & cheddar cheese sandwich on a sandwich thin with a side of cantaloupe:

December 2010 155

I went to spin class. When I sat down on the spin bike, I decided to “bring it.” I gave that class everything I had. I left a drippy, exhausted mess. But oh my, I felt great! I love that feeling!

After getting cleaned up, we all went to Pei Wei for lunch. I had my standard kid’s size honey seared shrimp with brown rice, veggies and tons of chili sauce:

December 2010 156

We went to Sweet Things afterwards for frozen yogurt:

December 2010 157

I had cupcake, fudgesicle and eggnog flavors. :)

After getting the last of the gifts wrapped I went to my nail appointment.  There’s a Mediterranean restaurant next door so I picked up dinner there.

December 2010 158

Lamb kebob with no rice, extra salad. It came with pita and tzatiki. YUM!!! I was in love with this dinner!

This morning the kids slept in so I got to as well! After a few cups of coffee, I got dressed for breakfast at our club with some friends. They had a buffet with the usuals: scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, French toast, fruit etc.

My first plate:

December 2010 159

I went back for some French toast and some more bacon. :)

My friend Alicia and I enjoyed a few glasses of champagne:

December 2010 160

Santa was there for photos so I snagged one with him:

December 2010 161

My good ole pal Lisa took some on her camera so I’ll post them when I get them. :)

The rest of the day was spent chilling at home watching the rain. I love watching it rain…as long as I don’t have to go out in it. :)

I think we are going to take the kids for Mexican food tonight. YUM!

What would be your ideal job?


  1. Those brownies have me drooling.

    Perfect job...could I count reading other people's food blogs?


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