Ahhhh...it's been a whirlwind of activity lately!!! I'll pick up on where I left off on Monday.....

Sometime after picking up the kids from school, I had a Fiber One bar.

I went to the grocery store and the bank and attempted to catch up on emails/blogs. I'm soooo behind!!!!
Dinner was a lighter version of chicken parmesan with whole wheat spaghetti and marinara and a ton of veggies:

Tuesday's breakfast was a Van's whole grain waffle with BetterN Peanut Butter on top with a side of strawberries.

I then went for a tour of my son's future kindergarten, dropped him off at school and then came home and went to the gym. I tried to work on my running speed. I'm kind of a slowish runner. So I did three miles, broken up with different speeds, trying to improve the speed on each mile. The first mile I did at 5.5mph. I walked for two minutes and did the second mile at 6.0mph. I walked for another two minutes and ran the third mile at 6.5mph. Great workout!!!

I came home and whipped up an awesome salad: can of tuna, mixed greens, shredded iceberg lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red bell pepper, green onions, two tablespoon of light dressing and a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar. Off the freakin hook and it kept me full for hours!

Then I took my daughter for her three year old checkup at the doctor. We came home, fiddled around a bit and then I got ready for Bunco at Dina's house!


We did a potluck this time and I brought some yummy bean dip with tortilla chips:

I tried a little bit of what everyone brought but I didn't go too nuts so that's good. I did partake in dessert of course.....
Lisa's BOMB cupcakes and an amaretto cake that was to die for:

Normally I would have hit up at least three of those little bad boy cupcakes but I had restraint this time.

My BORING breakfast today was a light wheat English muffin with Barney Butter and cantaloupe:

After taking the kids to school, I went to our new Zumba class. I didn't suck as bad as I thought I would and ending up have a great workout. Burned 560+ calories and had a great time!
I got cleaned up and went over to the preschool to help celebrate one of my daughter's teacher's birthdays. Afterwards, I met my friend Lisa for some quick sushi before I had to pick both of the kids up from school.

Spicy Tuna Rolls (my favorite):

Tuna nigiri and miso soup:

Ahhhh.....how I love sushi!!!!!
So, I just got back from Sports Authority. I bought a yoga mat and a resistance band because.....I am starting P90X tomorrow! A few friends and I are committed to get through the next 90 days of this torture. I even took my "before" pictures today. And...NO....I'm not posting them.....maybe after the 90 days, I'll post to compare....Maybe. :) Wish me luck people! I need good vibes! When I was at Sports Authority, the guy who was helping me pick out my resistance band asked me what I was using it for. When I said "P90X" he laughed and said "Good Luck."
Yeah....I'm gonna need it.


  1. THat kitchen is gorgeous!! Great workout with all of that running! I like your mini breaks in between - smart. Yay for P90x! Looking forward to following you through the program!

    For Vegas - I'd LOVE to find a good grilled seafood place, a great Mediterrean place and a yummy Thai place!! Any help is greatly appreciated. :)

  2. Hi Melissa! I recently (4 mos ago) moved from San Diego to Phoenix but we are in the process of trying to move back. I am also 33 and have a child. I saw you on Paige's blog and commented right under you and when i saw u say you're in SD, I had to come holla! Anyway my friend, keep in touch!


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