137.2 continued

This morning's breakfast was a Nutrigrain low fat waffle with peanut butter and a side of cantaloupe and pineapple:

Seriously...can someone help me with this sideways picture thing? It's rather irritating now. After breakfast I sat in my pj's and read blogs/email and did some laundry and not much else. Eventually I showered and got dressed. By then it was lunch time. I made my favorite tuna salad:

Afterwards, I went over to Lisa's for...you guessed it....P90X. Woo hoo! Today was Yoga day. I felt good today and moved through it pretty smoothly. I actually was able to hold the "crane" pose for the first time today. True it was only for about three seconds but still! I will eventually get a picture of this and show you! I'm proud!

I came back and had a snack of Progresso Light Veggie soup with a piece of light wheat toast:

Then I sat around on the couch again. All of a sudden, both of my kids fell asleep on the couch at the same time. Hubby was out so I was able to watch all the Food Network I wanted without anyone saying anything. It was utter bliss.
We decided to go to our club for dinner. I ordered the sea bass. It came with Israeli couscous and steamed veggies and was out of this world! I loved every bite!

I also had a glass of Merlot. Perfect!

I didn't eat any of the kid's pizza, macaroni and cheese, french fries or ice cream. :) I'm gettin good at this huh? And........I took that Costco cake and put it in the trash. I was tired of it calling out to me every five minutes. Now it's where it belongs.....although I did set it upright in the trash so it could be retrieved if necessary. :)